Wilson to Denver

Does this make you happy @mcarley ?

You beat me to it.

Edit: According to the article Wilson has to approve the trade. He also wants Patrick Mahomes money. I wonder if he makes getting a new contract a condition for agreeing to the trade.

I just saw it. I like Wilson, but it looks like they’re giving up a lot. Multiple 1sts, Lock, and at least Shelby Harris, who is one of my favorite players (blocks a lot of kicks).

He ain’t getting Mahomes money.
I like Wilson, but he isn’t Mahomes and he doesn’t have as many years left as Mahomes.

Paton would be stupid to give him Mahomes $. And I don’t get the sense that Paton is stupid. He had a great draft last year.

So, do the Seahawks plan on playing Geno Smith, Drew Lock, or drafting a QB?

Just a guess, but I imagine they’ll draft someone, but let Lock and Smith battle it out this year.

Just saw the compensation. Yikes! Two 1s, two 2s, Lock, Fant, and Harris, for Wilson and a 4. That’s a lot to give up.

Gonna be some lean years in the future.

I’m not sure where they’re spread. They had an extra 2 and an extra 3 this year from the Von Miller deal. But, they do still have needs beyond QB.

And the team formerly known as the Deadskins getd the scraps after Wilson made it clear he wouldn’t play there. (Would anybody blame him?)

Why would anyone want to play for such a dysfunctional organization? If they get free agents, it’s not likely to be ones with lots of suitors. It’s likely to be desperate ones or people just in it for the cash.

No lie, in the days of salary cap, and the weak division they are in, the futility of this organization is baffling.

Not when you consider the owner. From botching possibly good QBs to sexual harassment throughout the organization, the whole team is a mess. I know sports leagues will rarely oust an owner, but Snyder probably warrants it.

At this point, the NFL has been covering for him for so long, there is no way they will oust him. Hell, Kraft got caught in prostitute/possible human trafficking sting and nothing happened to him.

Kraft got caught getting a handy and beat it in court with the resources the wealthy use. Snyder has been both inept and corrupt on a long-term and repeated basis. The league covers for him, going so far as to make all reports verbal instead of written so no one can get hold of the details.

It is smart, the Government does it to foil FOIA requests.

I know people who won’t put things in email for similar reasons. Hell, I think I’ll just live my life, try to have some integrity, and if I get a subpoena, deal with it.

Amen brother.

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Personal mantra:

Bingo! There is no comparison whatsoever to what Kraft did and what Snyder did.

I would bet that most owners would not be heart-broken at all if Snyder were to somehow lose the franchise. However, they also know that any precedent set with him could boomerang on them too.

It is similar to when Donald Sterling owned the Los Angeles Clippers. Everybody knew the type of person he was and how he ran his franchise, but there was no appetite among the NBA owners to force him out until he finally made it untenable for him to still be an owner.

With the NFL and Snyder it is worse because he has taken one of the prominent franchises with a lot of history and driven it into the ground. That is worse for the NFL than it was for the NBA to have Sterling running the Clippers.