Why the country is becoming "obese"

Frosted mini wheats are healthy, lean protein is not.

This should have been the first line of the article:
"Sadly, the Food Compass may have been distorted by the magnetic pull of financial conflicts of interest and belief-based nutrition. "

I’m 5’7 and weigh 141 pounds. My great grandson who just turned 10 and is short, weighs 157 pounds. It’s difficult for me to keep my mouth shut and mind my own business, because his parents and grandparents can see the same thing I do. :weary:

Sister you’re a great grandparent?? That’s super cool!

Very cool. Four generations.

Who funded that study, Kellogg’s?

IMO get a variety of foods that are less processed and move your body more often. I know a lot more old timers that live on bacon, eggs, butter, red meat and alcohol than I know old vegans.

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When I read it the first time…I read 57 and not 5’7 and I was thinking how are you a great-grandparent at 57!!! :slight_smile:

Words to live by. I always find anecdotal research based on people one knows to be the very best information to base one’s decisions upon. :cold_face: :innocent:

As opposed to the research that I linked to by supposed “experts”?

And I find a nutritional chart that has Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats and canned pineapple in heavy syrup questionable.

I can understand your hesitancy, but it may be misplaced in my mind. That type of overweight is may beyond normal chubby, and might well lead to lifelong health issues, and not all physical health issues either. I’d guess that friends and classmates won’t long ignore the problem and cruelty concerning appearance isn’t unknown among 10 year-olds and younger. I don’t envy your task, though.

Uh, perhaps the emojis terminating my remark weren’t enough to tipoff my attempt satirical/cynical remark. Sorry, your link was very informative and interesting. I found myself much in agreement with a large portion of it, but not all.

I am 5’5" and before I was pregnant in 1977 I weighed 110 pounds and only gained 22 pounds while I was pregnant which I took off it off within a few weeks of giving birth. .At that time doctors were advising their patients to gain less than 25 pounds while they are pregnant.

Now it is not uncommon for a woman who is overweight before she is pregnant to gain more than 35 pounds while she is pregnant.

I think that doctors today are reluctant to talk about weight to their patients because it is not politically correct to do so.

When I was with EDS, The wife of one of our clients was pregnant. She was also obese, and she actually LOST weight when she was pregnant.

Fair enough, hard to pick up some things via message board.
Mea culpa.


Also many doctors are also overweight. Do as I say, not as I do.

Anecdotal data certainly has severe limitations, but scientific meta data is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially on dietary issues.

There’s plenty of examples of researchers including pizza and hot dogs in their basket of foods representing saturated fat & animal fat – when those items are heavily processed & have lots of refined carbohydrates present (with the buns in the case of hot dogs). The devil is in the details.

The Seven Countries Study that established cholesterol as the “cause” of heart disease was actually a somewhat dishonest cherry-picking of data that originally included dozens of countries. The researchers threw out the data that didn’t fit their desired outcome. Most of the public doesn’t know this…they just see a trendline and suddenly are believers.

Multiply that times a few decades, and you have this entrenched belief that animal food is bad for us, when in fact our ancestors prized that food, and that’s what influenced our gene development. This is one example why a lot of people don’t trust science. It’s largely whore science, where researchers tell the funding source what it already believes, so that they can continue to get grants (grants = work = career). There’s a lot of this in climatology as well. Centralized narratives are antithetical to doubt, and doubt is foundational to real science.

Back to diets, a study that tests real meat foods against high-quality vegan foods would actually be instructive, but I am aware of no such comparisons to date. All the studies seem to have an agenda that is made very obvious by the flaws in the setup, and most are tilted towards vegetarianism/low-fat.

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Healthcare Workers Are at Significant Risk of Obesity, Yet Employers Must Not Discriminate - MarathonHR, LLC.

You realize that’s General Mills while Frosted Mini Wheats is Kellogg’s

To their patients detriment

Pregnant lady says: what’s that? Your clump of cells or fetus is doing well. You can’t assume she wants to have / keep the baby so you can’t call it a baby