When will we notice the strike?

Not trying to be an ass about it, I actually support the actors and writers.
But it has been over 2 weeks and if I didn’t read about it, I would not know there was an actor and writers strike.

Noticed the writer’s strike right away because no more Daily Show. But, I tend to watch shows a season at a time so it would take a while to really notice the actor’s strike.

I’m usually about a year or two behind on my TV watching. I don’t think I can name a TV show on the networks right now, most of the stuff I watch is on HBO, Netflix or reruns from years ago. I’m still working on finishing Succussion.

My main driver is sports.
But I just discovered “Godfather of Harlem” on HULU.
I am not sure how the hell I missed that one.

Oh, I forgot about that. Should be good. Forest Whitaker.

It is amazing, with great acting.
Chaz Palminterri, Paul Cicero, Vincent DiNofrio.

And Whitaker is so good!!!

Will have to check it out. I just started the first season of Ozark.

For those of you who support the actors strike which aspect of it do you think has merit. Based on what I’ve have read it appears that the biggest issue is that they want to get more income for their residuals.

That’s a part of it, but residuals for everything. Whenever a new technology emerges, the media companies want to exploit it without the residuals.

And, AI is a big issue. At this point, without some changes, they could simply use AI to make Robin Williams the start of a movie every couple of years, despite the fact that he’s not so much alive.

Agree with this, apparently they are paying starting actors one days pay, getting a quick video file on them, and then getting the rights to that media file for perpetuity, so they can use AI to use that image for multiple scenes in multiple shows.

Also, streaming has changed the model, but they are still paying actors as if it hasn’t (I do not know enough about the industry to give much detail), and more transparency in how “points” are calculated in contracts.

I wish they would go back in time as well. There are shows we’ll maybe never see in streaming because the music rights aren’t transferable to different formats.

I don’t totally understand residuals, most people get paid for the hours they work. I get offering them to the big stars in lieu of a big paycheck upfront to make a movie or TV show, but not someone with a minor part.

Imagine you get the lead for a big national commercial. You get paid handsomely, $20,000 for your time. But the campaign is over and you’re now unemployable as an actor because the entire viewing public recognizes you as Flo from Progressive or whatever.

Nobody does.
There is writer (I don’t know if he still writes) on tic toc that opens his checks on camera.
He literally says he has no idea how they come up with the amount he gets.

How long does it take to film a 30 second commercial, maybe a week? Pretty good pay for a week.

Yeah, not really.

GF’s father (and aunt) were child actors 50+ years ago. Her dad still gets checks for like 17 cents. Most of them from a single TV show, I think. Other shows and movies, he gets nothing.

I’ve seen those, pretty interesting. Some are for $1.43 and others over $1,000.

Another way I look at residuals is comparable to a patent.

Say you develop a new, cheaper, way to stream music.
You license that to i-tunes, spotify, amazon, etc.
Then you get 1/8th of a cent for every time it is used to listen to a song.

I didn’t say those who start in commercials never become famous. I said some who are in national campaigns have a hard time getting work if those campaigns make them famous. If they don’t get ongoing $ from the commercial, they’re screwed.

Or, forget commercials. Let’s say you were on some version of Star Trek. You get typecast and may not get work afterward. No residuals from it and no income.

Slightly off topic, I recently auditioned for a role in a local, independent movie (did not get a call back).
Was really hoping to do it, would have been a bucket list item to get listed in IMDB.