Watching old movies and TV shows

Saw an old TV episode where some menus had prices and others did not. It was from a time when some upscale restaurants gave females a menu that did not have prices and only men got a menu with prices.

I never knew that, but I think it’s kind of cool

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I think the acting was worse but the stories were better. Twilight is awesome.

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Another TV show I loved was the original Alfred Hitchcock presents series. They were not only interesting but they always made a point in the process.


When I was in my early teens a local channel had Twilight Zone and Hitchcock reruns on every night at 10 or eleven, I’d watch them almost every night in the summer.

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I miss Norm.

I was just watching a Perry Mason episode from its first season during the late fifties where a "criminologist’ was called as an expert witness. However, based on the questions and answers this expert was a criminalist and not a criminologist. At that time most people wouldn’t have noticed that error, but I think today most people know there is a big difference between a criminalist and a criminologist.

Actors on a TV series worked much harder during the fifties and sixties. The first season of Perry Mason had 39 episodes and a lot less time per episode was used for commercials.

An excellent example is a play by Rod Serling entitled “Patterns”. It was performed live on the Kraft Television Theatre and was so well received that it was performed a second time - live. It’s available for free on YouTube - just look for “Patterns Serling”.

Edited - what the heck - here’s a link. I highly recommend it. And remember - it was LIVE.

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Live TV, something you don’t see much of today (especially, for those of us outside the Eastern time zone).

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