Watching old movies and TV shows

When you watch old movies and TV shows, what have you noticed that is very different than today?

Land line telephones.

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Lot of smoking.


Many weren’t very good compared to today’s shows.

propeller driven planes

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Seeing people get arrested without a Miranda warning because that law did not go into effect until 1966 (last season of Perry Mason)

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We saw North by Northwest a while back. The penalty forcdrunk driving was a $2 fine.

The untouchables were hunting down (and sometimes killing) people for making alcohol. OMG

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Marley ~ This reminds me of an episode from Quincy back in the seventies. A criminal murdered someone but then drank alcohol and left the empty bottle in the car so it would look like an accident caused by being drunk. At first it looked like he was going to get away with it because a DUI that killed someone was not a crime at that time. The only reason why he was convicted of murder is because Quincy proved that the murderer killed the victim before he was drunk.

Images on the screen and the tube were nearly square as opposed to everything today being 2/3, 36mm-type rectangles.

Welcome back. :grinning:

I’ll try not to make you regret that welcome… but probably not very hard. :innocent:

Maybe special effects but I might disagree with the acting

People paying off someone to keep a secret for something that is socially acceptable today. For example hiding that a child was born out of wedlock.


I was just listening to this in the car earlier. Beautiful, but quite possibly in my top 3 saddest songs ever.

To add to the list, latch-key kids from the 1970s is a term no longer used. On the other hand, Homemaker dads was not a term used until recently.

True. Wasn’t Miranda killed in a bar and then the crook that killed him got off the hook as he wasn’t read his “Miranda rights”

There was a lot less crime when children were not born out of wedlock as kids born (keyword born to) to single moms commit crimes

like the C-130J… still being built at Lockheed Marietta.


Which older TV shows had better acting than today?

In the “old” days you had Actors with larger than life personalities. Too many to mention, but some examples are John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Fred Astaire,Marilyn Monroe,etc.

Yeah, I can see that. I was thinking of the shows when I was young in the 1970-80’s. A couple years ago I watched some of the Colombo’s, not as good as I remembered.