Those who think catching covid is as good or better than getting vaccinated, should ask this woman

Oh darn, you can’t, because this individual who intentionally contracted covid, is dead.

For the most part, everyone here is vaccinated.

That doesn’t matter, if you’re not as rabid about the vaccine as they are they think you are part of the problem. Lefties are loyal lemmings and do as they’re told, it’s easier than thinking for themselves.

So you haven’t gotten the deadly vaccinations, or are you just another “lemming”?
And this “lemming”, like almost every other vaccinated individual, is alive and healthy. The non lemmings are participating in many thousands of unnecessary funerals. But at least they didn’t follow “blindly”.

Yes I got it, but I’m not angry, butt hurt and bitter like you that someone chooses not to get it. Do you believe the science that if you’re vaccinated you’re protected?


I got the vaccine because I understand the science. I am not going to rant about those who didn’t get the vaccine. That ship has sailed.

It’s a FACT, that the unvaccinated are at least 20 times as likely to DIE, if they get the virus, compared to those who are boosted, if they catch covid.

So yes, I believe the science, and the stats back it up.
And the selfish idiots, who don’t give a shit about the millions of immune compromised citizens, who aren’t so well protected by the vaccines, deserve the ridicule shown them. I am vaccinated, and I wear a mask, more for others, than myself, because I’m fortunately very healthy.
I get it, that the right to life crowd stops caring about their fellow man, the instant a child passes through the birth canal.

You’re an effeminate woman, pscott.

I had covid and it was no big deal.

(And that was back before it was this complete yawner Omicron variant)

And I would peg you as an unapologetic Neanderthal, by just that one single comment of yours, above. And science would back up that assessment, as well.
And what is it with you Republicans, and your sexual and sexist innuendos?

If someone chooses to DIE that’s their problem. If someone is immune compromised they shouldn’t leave their house if they’re in that much danger.

So you’re not disputing the selfishness of those who choose to remain unvaccinated, or for that matter, not following masking requirements.

No, if someone is immune compromised they should protect themselves.

LOL hurr durr, look this one lady died of covid therefore you should all be scared of being unvaccinated!!!

Yes, very scientific. Witty and brilliant.

You pretty much miss the entire point.
Nobody on this board, and nobody that have known or heard about other than this Czech woman has intentionally tried to get Covid.
The argument made, which is actually backed by the CDC, is that if you contracted Covid, you have better immunity than if you received the vaccine, so a prior infection should be equal to a vaccination.

I am seeing more and more reports of people with prior infection getting rocked by the boosters. Full body aches, joints popping, heart irregularities, lethargy.

I’m not going anywhere near those boosters. I’m already not thrilled with having gotten the vaccine double dose on top of my post-infection antibodies, after seeing people I know have serious side effects. That was Big Pharma’s one freebie from me.

Wife hasn’t gotten vaccinated. She had covid within the first year (I actually gave it to her without realizing it). She’s around people all day every day, and has been since summer 2020 (other than quarantining while she was positive). She’s extremely healthy.

The vaccine hysterics are not scaring me one bit. Bunch of dimwitted sheep.

Here ya go, vaccine hysterics. Link in the second tweet.

Keep hiding under your beds if it makes you feel better though. And keep begging the political aristocracy to put unvaccinated citizens into concentration camps.

You people don’t know shit about science anyway, despite using the term constantly.

Here’s a more thorough summary of the evidence so far.

Here’s why I have trouble with the natural immunity arguement: First, some people don’t know what it means, that it comes from an infection. They think it’s just about your immune system. Although there are some ways to bolster your immune system (good diet & exercise), they aren’t magic. Natural immunity requires an infection, which you might not survive and during which you might infect someone else.

Secondly, although the studies vary (see link), pretty much all of them show that even those with some natural immunity would have significantly greater immunity with a vaccine. It’s not a good argument to avoid the vaccines, which are safe and effective. And natural immunity will wane over time, so if you got Covid in 2020, who knows how many antibodies you still have?

Pretty much no one is arguing for concentration camps, but vaccine mandates have been around for three or four generations now. It’s ridiculous hyperbole to act like they’re some radical infringement on your freedom.

Obama had them wanting to pay more in taxes and Biden has them enjoying open borders and supplying the Taliban with $80 billion in military equipment.

But not for a vaccine that has only been around for 27 minutes.

It wasn’t that much longer. We discussed this a while back and you used different standards for each, starting with when they first started working on them for polio, but starting with when they were approved for Covid.

Covid vaccines are safe. They have now been used by hundreds of millions, safely. No vaccine ever has had unexpected effects years later, so this needing to wait for years thing is unnecessary. People are dying now.