This one may hurt Elon more than he thinks

Now, do I think Elon is anti semitic? No, but he is impulsive and hits the “like” and “send” button before his brain catches up to his actions.

Not defending this, he should know better than to repeat shit like this.

Maybe he should consider giving up the ketamine

I am surprised he didn’t accuse advertisers of cancel culture.

He often just clicks on things and gets to stir controversy.

The problem is he’s trying to run a company.

And the saga continues.

Doing a podcast high is one thing. Trying to run a company high, and with no impulse control, is not a good idea.

Oh I think he has impulse control. You don’t become a billionaire with no impulse control.

He’s claimed he has Asperger’s. His behavior would be consistent with that diagnosis.

He has a serious case of trolling and not giving a shit.

Even if he lost 3/4 of his money. He’d still have more money than he could spend even with all his pet projects.

So you give him a pass on endorsing antisemitism because he’s rich?

I don’t think he’s antisemitic.

He’s just a drug addled rich man who “likes” antisemitic tweets. or X’s or whatever the hell they are . If you aren’t an antisemite, you shouldn’t “troll” by endorsing antisemetic posts. The fucker may be a genius, but he’s also a fucking idiot.

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That is probably true

I think he’s socially inept.

Isn’t that like saying a short person is vertically challeneged? They both mean the same thing

Why not exactly?

Trolling gets sensitive pearl clutchers all worked up. It’s an art form among people with a sense of humor.

A litmus test for whether someone takes himself too seriously is to get worked up over others’ trolling.

He’s not an elected official. He’s an entrepreneur. You don’t have to consume anything he produces or participate in his media platform. Why do you let his odd behavior wreck your serenity and throw you off balance?

And on a daily basis I might add.

There are things you and I can do that don’t mean a whole lot.
The richest man in the world and the leader of three highly influential companies has more responsibility about what it may appear he supports publicly.

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That sounds a lot like pearl clutching judgment to me.

That’s his decision to make. He can accept the consequences of his actions, which could involve his removal as leader of those companies (all CEOs answer to the BoD).

A powerful politician like a POTUS, senator, etc, I could see making that kind of judgment. But a private citizen is a private citizen, no matter how many companies he is running.

I am the least “pearl clutcher” person you will ever meet.
But I am smart enough know that my actions or my words need to be chosen very carefully in some instances.
I am former law enforcement, so posting pro standing for the flag stuff on FB may piss a few people off, but I don’t care. Posting stuff that borders on racist takes on kneeling is off limits.
I am just some guy and I know that, Elon sure as shit should.

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Judging some other dude for his personal decisions that don’t affect you — you’ve got more pearl clutcher in you than you seem to realize.

keep going parrot and he’ll end up calling you a woman.

Pointing out that it is really stupid to agree with something antisemitic isn’t really a bad thing.

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