This one may hurt Elon more than he thinks

That’s a shift in your stance. You said before he has a “responsibility,” which you have yet to establish as any of your business or why he should be held to a higher standard (I’ve already explained why leading corporations does not qualify in my book).

That is different from calling it stupid.

Do you find your own behavior to be masculine?

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More responsibility than you and I.
He has shareholders and employees that rely on him not doing stupid shit that hurts the bottom line.

If what he did was so irresponsible, why didn’t the board of directors discipline or even terminate him?

Bunch of antisemites?

I had meant to reply to this, but we were on the road last week for a family vacation so I was not as active.

To add to what you said, I would say there are some things that you simply do not joke or troll about. And if you do joke or troll about these things, it reflects a lot about you to others, who may not appreciate your “humor.”

As an example, one of my co-workers is a former medic in the Israeli military and has relatives in Tel Aviv. Needless to say, she has a very personal interest in what is going on in that part of the world these days. If I were to re-post or like the stuff that Musk liked on Twitter, er X, all under the justification of harmless and artistic trolling by a person with a sense of humor in order to get under the skin of pearl clutchers, I doubt very much she would appreciate that one bit or give me a pass for it.

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