The best football playoff games in years

Seems almost every playoff game this year came down to the last few seconds or even overtime. Pulling for Stafford and the Rams this year. Stafford served his time in Detroit, and now has a chance to win a Superbowl. One thing I strongly dislike is the overtime rules. It should be more like college where each team gets the ball at least once. The way it works now is who ever wins the toss for overtime has a big advantage.

Was just pointed out to me that this is the first superbowl to have two SEC college QBs playing.

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When KC won the toss… I thought… HERE WE GO AGAIN!
But thankfully, this time both teams got the ball.

Now we have the Rams vs the Bengals… both #4 seeds in their respective Divisions. Politically, I like Ohio over California… but Stafford is a UGA guy and a solid Family Guy.

I don’t think I have a dog in this hunt.

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Do you really favor a sports team based on the politics of the team’s state?

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I am picking Bengals because Zac Taylor is a Husker.

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I got a sick feeling yesterday in the second quarter when the Chiefs were up 21-3 and seemed to be practicing their dancing skills for the super bowl. It’s not over until it’s over. And if they would think back to the regular season, the same damn thing happened against Cincy…up by an “insurmountable” lead before halftime and mugging and dancing in the end zone.

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Two years ago when the Chief’s played the 49ers one of my co-workers said the was rooting against the 49ers because of Colin Kaepernick. I pointed out to her that the 49ers had released him three years prior and that he had not played for them since. She acknowledged that but said it didn’t matter to her.

Some people will root against teams for the strangest reasons.

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Hey, sometimes it is difficult to pick a team.
If it is not Atlanta or Baltimore (Family) I prefer RED State teams. Does that really surprise anyone?

Lefties whining about Aaron Rodgers not being vaxxed comes to mind.

Stat I heard the other day: Aaron Rodgers is 0-4 in the playoffs against the 49ers, and three of those losses were against Kaep.

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Stat I heard the other day is Kaep has zero Super Bowl rings.

That is not true. Two of the four losses were when Kaepernick was starting, in 2012 and 2013. The others were after he had left.

Edit:, Since Kaepernick was the starter for only two seasons when the 49ers made the playoffs, he could not have defeated the Packers in three playoff games.

Which is why I should not repeat stats I just heard somewhere without checking.

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I haven’t been much of an NFL fan in years, and that goes for major colleges, too. But I will admit, the NFL put on quite a show this year coming down the stretch, and wifey and I put our prejudices on hold for a couple of weeks and watched most of every game. If the NFL had the goal of establishing balance, they achieved it in spades.

I wish baseball could do the same. Big markets and big payrolls have skewed most of the balance, except for the Rays who I’ve followed for decades… I think they still have the Devil working for them despite the name change.

My 17 y/o has never much been into football.
He started watching this year because he was in 2 fantasy leagues.
I told him last night it was a good year to start.

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They were great games, caught the first game in OT and most of the second game.

I’m pulling for Bengals because it’s been forever for them and I have a soft spot in my heart for Joe Burrow. Love the dude’s swagger and he handed me a Fantasy championship after drafting him in the 11th round. But wouldn’t mind seeing the Rams win because that team does it right and I’d like to see Stafford get a ring as his time is running out. You could say Burrow will get back to the big game, but Dan Marino might have something to say about that.

We have people that pull for or root against teams solely based upon the politics of their state? You’re such a hack Price!

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I hate Stan Kroenke.

But you loved Georgia Frontiere. :wink:

Nope, I dislike St. Louis, but I really dislike how full of shit Kroenke was when he left.

I mentioned on the CHB that the evening the NFL announced its decision on the Rams I was listening to the press conference. You could hear the anger in the St Louis reporters’ voices directed to Kroenke.

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Always wondered if she had anything to do with the death of Carrol Rosenbloom… owner of the Baltimore Colts before the Rams… long story but if you were from Baltimore you would know it.