Thanks Trump!

Didn’t his supporters boo him when he said he got the shot?

I wish he would go on a tour encouraging it, but he won’t.

Some, but according to the data, more actually went and got the shot.

At this point there is really no use.

If Trump did it, he could move the numbers by a couple of percentage points. That’s substantial.

It’s good that he’s now on board with publicly promoting the vaccines.

If only he promoted getting vaccinated, from the very beginning, and went around the country doing the same, with the amount of zeal as with his nationwide election fraud tour.

And maybe if he hadn’t treated his own vaccination like it was a highly classified, top secret mission, it would be something more than what we have now, from Trump…Too little, and more than a little too late.

I’m curious what his motivation is, since it’s not like Trump to do anything that doesn’t benefit him personally?

You really are daft aren’t you?

That ad was from 6 months ago, and he has always been a giant proponent of the vax!!

I wish he would just disappear from public life altogether…

Me too, but…

Then he is a lousy communicator since quite a few of his acolytes are against the Biden vaccine.

That’s impossible for a narcissist.

But the data shows that his ad worked.

Not as much as it would have had he spend more time encouraging a vaccine than disputing an election. Time is valuable, but he wasted a lot of time. Now…Biden might have been able to get him to help had he held a press conference and said “Because of the efforts of the greatest president in our nations history, a vaccine is available to help battle the China virus”. But he didn’t and Trump put more focus on HIS election than on the health of the nation. But that’s nothing new…he’s always put himself ahead of anything else.

He created an environment that a vaccine was developed in record time.
It isn’t his fault his successor was incompetent.

Where have you been? Vaccines were available at least 9 months prior to that SINGLE ad.

And Trump was only a giant proponent of taking credit for the creation of the vaccines. Even though he did say that the vaccines work, and that people should get the shot, he was always a bit cautious about pushing hard with that message, so as not to offend his base. It’s only recently that he’s been pushing back when the effectiveness of the vaccines has been questioned, which is good.

Now it’s possible, Trump’s historical views about vaccines, weighed on him. He used to believe that vaccines caused autism, so maybe he was conflicted.

But, to me, anyone, like a president, or ex-president who goes out of his way to hide the fact that he’s been vaccinated, is not a “giant proponent”. I’ll never forget when I learned this. I’m curious about what his anti-vax supporters thought about his secret shot?

And every other ex-president, and Biden, made it a photo-op event, when they received their shots.

To repeat the title of this thread.

Thanks Trump!!!

Trump pouted like a baby because they wouldn’t approve the vaccine before the election. So along with the electin being stolen…it was a deep state antifa plot to not grant the the glory of announcing the vaccine…even though he was still president when the fucking thing got approved. BUT…we had a stolen election which took precedence over the welfare of the country because the election was stolen from HIM. He didn’t put party over country…he put himself over everything. THAT is where his timing sucked. IMAGINE if he had gone out with millions of Americans vaccinated and be remembered as the guy who got it done instead of the baby who pouted his way to Mar a Lago.

I am not talking about the STS bullshit.
Just the fact that Trump pushed the vax contrary to the message that is being pushed by the never Trumpers

You have to. The fact is that Trump could have urged the vaccine in late December and early January. Instead he had a laser focus on his stolen election. And he had sewn so much distrust of all things government that his followers weren’t going to get a vaccine.