Super bowl

Once again the refs got involved. Good chance the Chiefs were going to win but the defensive holding at the end was BS

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Yep, They got gifted again. Just like the Conference game.

Anybody that says the NFL is not rigged is stupid.

couldn’t have anything to do with the betting commercials?

Couple of big calls went against them too. If they’d lost, their fans would be the ones complaining.

Philly fans don’t complain…they just riot.

Ya, the called back defensive TD could have gone either way.
I think the catch that got reviewed was called correctly though.

I don’t disagree with you on the call itself. However, every time I hear some announcer say that the refs should swallow their whistles near the end of the game and not decide the game with a call, I want to scream. If the players know the refs won’t call anything, they will take bigger liberties, and a non-call can equally decide a game as much as a call can.


Who would have guessed that Jalen Hurts would have 120 more passing yards than Mahomes and the Chiefs win?

Sadly, that is not unique to Philadelphia. There are all too many examples of fans rioting after their team won or lost a championship game. Most of the time it is after a win, but I remember in 2011 when a bunch of people in Vancouver rioted after their team lost the Stanley Cup Finals.

I think Bradshaw’s starting to lose it. Time for an old folks home.

I didn’t take it quite as harshly as the article does. Reid is very well known to love cheese burgers.

…or maybe stick to reality TV. He has already done 2 seasons so far.

It looked to me as normal where a DB keeps a hand on the receiver to help feel where he he is going… an extra sense. I saw no indication that the Receiver was impeded. Happens every week… sort of SOP.

As for “Let them play”. I agree with you… but seems to me that it should be a more blatant foul than we saw last night. I doubt this foul would have been called by most Refs during the Regular Season.

I think Reid has a pretty good sense of humor.
The fans care more about it than him.

The defender admitted that he grabbed the jersey. He gambled that the refs would let it slide.

I wasn’t paying total attention and didn’t see the cheeseburger comment. However, the part about Andy Reid waddling over seemed strange.

And, there have been several times this past season when Bradshaw was criticized for odd things he said. I am inclined to also think that it may be time for him to retire.

Oh, I agree there.
But, to be fair, he was kind of a goof even when he was younger.

ONe has to wonder if maybe his cancer treatments had some impact on him.