Streaming Cable Like services

There is lots of News about the Competitiveness of streaming.
Apparently most are losing Money.

Do you use a Cable like Streaming Service? Youtube TV, Hulu, FUBO, Etc. most around $70 a month. Appears FUBO is on the ropes.

What would it take for you to drop the Cable Like Streamers?
The main thing keeping us are the News Channels… seems there is no way to get Fox, CNN. or MSNBC outside a Cable like Service. NewsMax has there own Streaming Ap… are there any Lib Streamers like this?

I have Paramount Plus and Peacock (Black Friday Deals) so that takes care of most Network shows.

BTW, Network shows are not what they use to be.
After L&O and Blue Bloods… not much of interest to us… outside Football season.

I recently cut the cable cord and don’t miss it at all. The only streaming I pay for is Netflix. I figure why cut cable just to pay for streaming services. A cheap antenna gets me about 50 channels about 10 that I watch.

I can see Fox, MSNBC, CNN on free Youtube is I want too watch it a day late.

My big thing is live sports.
I won’t give those up.

Youtube tv I split with my buddy and we pay 35 each I get disney plus for free and hbo max for free also

That’s a good reason to keep services. I don’t watch sports and was mostly watching local broadcast channels while paying for cable, which didn’t make sense for me.

We don’t get any OTA TV at our house, except for 4-5 religious and/or Spanish stations, because there’s a mountain ridge between us and the towers. So, we are attached to cable. The only streaming we get is Amazon Prime and Netflix, which we can receive online but get them the cable box. I also get NHL Center Ice, which gives me access to most NHL games.

Oh yeah, I also have Amazon prime. I forget I could watch things on there.

I might have to spring for that.

There is actually some very good original programming on there.

We get no OTA either. We ditched Cable for Streaming and Youtube Tv… but only watch a few of the 95 channels.

I just signed up for Youtube Premium… expensive but I watch a lot of youtube videos… was not an easy decision. My time is valuable what little time I have left.

We have ATT 1 Gig Fiber… very satisfied.

Especially waiting for the second Jack Reacher.
I do not think of Prime as a Streaming Service.

We would get Prime for the free shipping.

Wife does not want me on the stairs due to my balance issues, so instead of going to the basement for a replacement light bulb… I ordered one from Amazon. What would us Geezers do without it?

I actually had Prime free for several years because I went back to college as an adult.
When they cut off my student account we transferred it to a normal account.

I order most everything from amazon except perishables, but then I have a garage full of boxes I have to break down, that’s my only complaint.

I also have balance issues, that’s why I got an electric trike instead of a Bike. I can trike around the neighborhood and the park without fear of crashing. :upside_down_face:

You should check out some of the music programming on Prime for their music/artist documentaries. We just watched one on Chuck Leavell, keyboard extraordinaire who was with the Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and numerous others. Other related shows was a program about Muscle Shoals, Hired Gun (backup musicians), Rumble- the Indians Who Rocked the World, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more.

I will check that out.
Not on Prime, but I recently watched one on KISS. It was very good.

How far do you go on the trike?
Do you still drive?

I still Drive but generally about 5 miles over roads I know well and not at night…

We are looking forward to DST when we can return to having Dinner in a restaurant. Since the end of DST, we have only had lunch out.

The trike will go 20 miles on a charge so they say, I’ve never tried it that far. I still drive but not at night. I enjoy the trike ride in good weather with the fresh air. I don’t use it for transportation but for pleasure.

This is the one I got.

The bikes are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. They can sometimes cause fires if not monitored and used correctly.

My drones use Lithium-ion batteries and when charged are not supposed to be left unattended.

I’ve seen video’s of cell phones catching fire. My fear is of electrical fires. I have a light switch that sparks when I use it.

I have 3 power banks stored in my closet in case of a power outage, are they Lithium ion too? Now I have something else to worry about. The trike is kept in my attached garage.