Second Moderna shot

I got my second Moderna shot Saturday morning.
About 12 hours later I got the “chills” really bad and broke out in cold sweats in bed Saturday night.
I woke up Sunday with a splitting headache, but took ibuprofen and stayed in be til abut 10:30.
The concerning thing though is my resting heart rate shot up 6 beats per minute from Saturday to Sunday. I will see how long til it comes back down.

My wife had the exact same experience. She got hers Thursday, and was mostly back to normal on Saturday morning. Our neighbor got his about the same time had no reaction at all. :man_shrugging:

I’ve heard the second shot hits you harder than the first. After the first all I really had was fatigue but i bounced back the next day.

I’m getting the second Pfizer shot on the 19th. If it doesn’t affect my memory, I’ll post any reactions.

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I had the 2 Pfizers shots. Had zero reactions for both of them. Did not even have a sore arm.

I had something similar when I had the virus itself.

Wake up chilly, put covers on, wake up later hot & sweaty. Repeat.

Never had a headache per se, but did have at least one dizzy spell in the middle of the night. Brief, like 3-4 minutes, but very odd & unexpected.

My parents reported the same thing. If I’m ever eligible for a vaccine before it’s moot, I’ll prefer Pfizer.

My only reaction was that it made me tired. After a night’s sleep, that was it.

Isn’t six beats a minute a kinda trivial difference? Or do you track yours so closely you know it’s meaningful.

I got the Pfizer shot, just the first so far. Sore arm for a couple of days, bad headache about 48 hours afterward. But that’s it.

My fitbit tracks it, there is only about a 10 bpm minute difference between when I am in shape and out of shape.
Mine fluxuates only about a beat or two per week depending on diet and exercise, so 6 bpm in one day is huge, I have never seen it with me before, and I have been tracking with a fitbit for years.

Wow, I don’t use a tracker, but I think mine fluctuates more. I’ve had two (known) incidents of a-fib, so I got a Kardia device to check my rhythm occasionally.

I’m not sure how accurate HR is off the wrist. I think it’s better info than having no info but a chest strap is far better for accurate hr.

True, but for comparison sakes it works well.

Had both Pfizer shots.

Sore arm on the first.

No side effects on the second.


FYI, if anybody cares about my health, my resting heart rate is back to normal.


Good to know. I got the Pfizer shot, next one in 11 days.

Likewise. I definitely prefer Pfizer to the rest of the vaccines. Now knowing my wife is vaccinated, I am less scared of getting COVID since she was at high risk.

Somebody at work said the J and J shot knocked their dick in the dirt. They were all messed up for a couple days.

I’d have a problem with getting the J&J or Astra Zeneca shots mostly because there is such poor communication as to what is in those shots. I’d probably cancel my appointment. I’d keep my Moderna and Pfeizer appointments. They seem to work better too

I’d be disappointed if I got Moderna and definitely would get the Pfeizer. But I probably would rather someone else get the J&J or AZN shots - not in any hurry to get those.

Wife got the J and J with zero issues.

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