SBF charged

Wonder how long before he goes to prison?

I expect they’ll go easy on him as long as Dems are running things.

I guess it depends on the extradition policies between the Bahamas and the US.

Given the amount of money he gave to Democrats he will probably not face anything significant.

I tend to disagree.
Madoff was a huge donor to Democrats and he went to prison.

He’s already been arrested in the Bahamas and it’s expected he’ll be extradited soon.

Wonder how long before he “commits suicide.”

Like Epstein.

Don’t ruin the narrative

That doesn’t change the narrative that scammers give heavily to Democrats.

In fact none of the fakenooz msm outlets highlighted that pertinent fact one bit.

It was all “hurr durr Bush is prezuhdint dis is Republikans fahlt”

From my link above…

**Overall, he gave almost all of the $40 million to Democratic politicians or groups, and just over $200,000 to Republicans, according to the disclosures.

In a wide-ranging interview at the New York Times Dealbook Summit last week, Bankman-Fried said donations were made to candidates who voiced support for pandemic prevention.**

I was referring to the Madoff thing. KC insinuated Madoff’s connection to Democrats was right wing narrative. I don’t remember msm being honest – and certainly not forthcoming – about this.

I actually wasn’t referring to the media, mainstream or otherwise. I have read ad nauseum about 'two tiered justice system" and how this guy will walk because he donated to Democrats. Parrot pointed out that Madoff made large donations to Democrats, but he still got sent up the river. So “the narrative” is that this guy will walk because of donations to the democrats.

Nobody said you were. I said you were insinuating it was right wing narrative (and that is in plain English).

Yes, under a Republican administration.

Get back to us when it is defined who the big guy is and where his 10% came from.

What does that have to do with SBF or Madoff?


You guys keep saying that yet the Biden DOJ had him arrested and I believe hes in US custody. And heres a secret, he gave money to many republicans too.

I was listening to the hearings a little bit, FTX was a mess. There’s rumors that Tom Brady put a bunch of their money into FTX and that’s a big reason for the divorce.

You said you keep hearing about the two-tiered justice system. I’m probably the one that has used that terminology the most here (and will continue until it is defined who the big guy is and what his 10% is) but when has it been used about SBF?

Proportionally that is a joke.