Red States Accelerate Push for No Income Tax

I’m all for it…providing of course their reliance on Federal money doesn’t increase. A lot of money from the federal government goes to states. The states use that money to help their state tax dollars, which are passed down to cities and counties. Go ahead and do it…just don’t bitch about sales tax and property tax. Kansas tried to revamp their tax plan to make it super attractive to business. Turns out, that wasn’t enough to convince a business to actually MOVE there

That’s the wrinkle. They’ll get it somehow.

Texas has no state income tax, but in exchange has sky high property taxes, which rich/smart people dodge with specious agricultural exemptions.

Tax money should be kept very local and not sent to Washington to be divided up and hoping you get as much back as sent. If a town wants better schools, safer neighborhoods, new infrastructure, etc they can raise taxes. If federal taxes are lower towns can increase taxes and spend the money there.

You finally get it. Here in KC we had a hellacious storm that brought down a lot of trees. People are bitching because the cities aren’t doing enough to clean this up and are making their citizens do the bulk of the work. A couple of weeks before the storm there were a ton of 'no new taxes" posts. And this was a LOCAL tax they are talking about. IF there is no state income tax, and if they are no longer getting Federal funds…local governments will need to substantially RAISE taxes to perform expected AND unexpected services.

Exactly and they will know that their taxes will be used locally instead of send to a state a 1,000 miles away. You know what your area needs, Washington doesn’t.

My town has had several referendums over the years, including improving the schools, building a new library, improving the parks and sports fields and other things that are important to us that the federal government doesn’t pay for. If we sent less money to the federal government we’d have more money to spend on the things that are important to us here.

An easy START would be to eliminate the redundancies. As one example why do we have a federal DOE and each state has one too?


I dunno…In my state, Johnson County has 620,000 taxpayers. Clark County has 1933. Who would have the better schools?

I’m talking about STATE or federal. Why can’t the state take care of all its counties?

Education is just one example… OSHA could be another.

I’m not sure without a state income tax. But those states with no income tax still take education money from the feds and pass it down to the counties and cities. Without that money from the feds, and with no state income tax, where will the state get that money to fund the counties?

What is the amount spent per student in each county?

By eliminating the funds taxpayers send to the federal DOE and sending it to the STATE DOE

Yep, keep the money local.

But where will the money that was coming from the fed come from? States already have a “budget crisis” when it comes to education - if there is no more money from the feds to disperse to localities, and if there is no state income tax, where will the money come from to supplement the existing state money? Because you know as well as I that won’t see a corresponding drop in your federal taxes.

That is the problem. Somebody needs to make that happen. eliminate the federal DOE

Democrats don’t believe in that. The hallmark of socialism is control over the greatest number of people by as few people as possible in a central/single location.

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Once federal taxes are greatly reduced, the state can have an income tax that stays local. If people are sending thousands less to Washington every year they can have a small state income tax to make up for the shortfall or increase the sales tax.

Yep, they sure like they’re redistribute wealth and take from the people who earn it and give it to lazy deadbeats who don’t deserve it.

and that would lower the spending by 1.5%. So your portion of the federal tax reduction would be more than offset by the increase in state taxes. And with no state income tax (as the title of this thread discusses) I wonder how much property and sales taxes would increase.

Ya, I am pretty sure even with OSHA’s problems, we probably shouldn’t get rid of it.