Quarter of a million dollars to go on a homemade sub

I am almost certain that @imabass could build something better.

Home aid?

I mean it’s a bespoke submersible. Not my cup of tea but nothing wrong with it.

Not sure why people keep harping on the x box controller. We use them for our nuclear submarines.

Just to add. I suspect they’re all dead. If there was any failure, I don’t see it survivable. Most these small submersibles are death traps

I hope the scamsters behind this misguided tourist trap are held to account for the expenses incurred in trying the rescues the possible survivors of this senseless folly. I fully expect the rescue effort to go for naught, and can only imagine the horror incurred by the passengers if they’re just waiting for the breathable air to go to zero. One could hope that in just imploded days ago and the end was quick.

I am as libertarian as the next guy, but this company openly admits that it is not regulated at all.

Now you want to regulate toasters? :slight_smile:


He has complained that it’s overly regulated.

He is on the submersible.

The maker of the lost Titan submersible previously complained about strict passenger-vessel regulations, saying the industry was ‘obscenely safe’ (yahoo.com)

Some multi billionaire on board too…oops!

Ironically the guy in charge of the submersible as well. Just like the titanic

Safety regs are always overbearing and nanny state. Right until theyre not.

THe reports are they hear sounds under the water, which may be the sub.

I suspect they’re all dead. My theory is the window breached and the sub flooded. From what I have read, the window wasn’t rated for the depth they were going.

I have seen that theory other places too.

I should reword that. That theory I saw online I thought fit the best was the window imploded.

It was only rated for like 1/3 the depth they were going. There are no compartments on the sub. So a breach is death.

I also just saw that another thing was that he only hired guys in their mid 20’s.
He intentionally shied away from military vets in their 50’s.

I see people harping on the play station controller. That is the least of the issues with the submersible.

The more I am reading, the more janky it sounds.

It is supposed to auto surface if there is an issue. There is no way to escape the sub. There are just a lot of dumb decisions that were made.

I am not a submarine expert by any stretch of the imagination but this sounds like an idiot made a lot of it.

The idiot is the ones who paid 250,000 to see what many films already show.

Well to be honest there is one small window in the back. So you pay 250,000 but really don’t get to see anything. What you see is a TV screen.

Shit, with modern technology, we could just pretend people are diving and charge them 100K a trip. If they’re just going to watch it on a TV screen. How would they know?