Quarter of a million dollars to go on a homemade sub

Disney has a Galactic hotel experience where you enter a ‘shuttle’ going to space for 2 days. That’s the last time you see the sun, for 2 days you’re in an interactive Star Wars experience. All the windows are screens obviously and my buddy said it’s extremely impressive.

Besides being extremely impressive, it is also extremely expensive.The Galactic “hotel experience” is set to close in September after only 18 months.

Apparently neither were the people designing it.

I’ve always been interested in submarines. I tour them whenever I can. I would have lasted a few hours on a sub. I’m just to tall.

I would have knocked myself out the first day.

This is terrifying, I can’t even ride in the back seat of a 2 door car.

There are plenty of dumb was to die. This is one of the less conventional dumb ways to die. Let me pay $250,000 to get into a steel propane tank and go view the titanic. Seriously we have high def cameras and TVs that are a much better way.

And many blame this on their “wokeness”. It wasn’t, but it sounds good. I think I’m one of about 12 people that just didn’t get into Star Wars

My wife’s colleagues decided on a summer project that revolves around the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series.
She is the one non nerd in our family so I had to watch the first one with her last night to help her understand some of the context.

The most recent update is one of he’s friends thinks the sub is trapped under the propeller of the Titanic.

Well, that should make it easy to find some day.

Willing parties wanted to pay to take a risk. They did and the risk turned out to be a bad bet. You better believe potential future customers will think twice about doing the same thing.

Composite with carbon fiber can be wonderful for some things, but I would always want metal for a pressure vessel, or one that withstands pressure. Metal has some properties composite doesn’t. Malleability can work for you. Better deformation than complete structural failure.

Saw another story that with some stuff that hasn’t been mentioned. Carbon Dioxide. The guy said they need to change the scrubber filters every 12 hours. So while they might have 20 hours of oxygen, would they be alive to breathe it?

This sub doesn’t have port holes for windows. You go down in a steel coffin and look at the titanic on a screen. What the hell is the point??? Save yourself $250,000 plus the many millions that coast guards are spending to look for your dumbass and watch it at home on your 100"+ TV at home for.

These people had more money than sense. I hope their estates get the search and rescue bill and not the taxpayer.

One of these days there is going to be a story of billionaires getting lost in space on one of these crazy priced space tours.


So much information and disinformation out there. This is the latest.

It was one window.

Not looking good.

Normally I applaud adventure but this was just stupid.

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They found a debris field using a robotic sub. Considering there was no windows and they could only see the Titanic on a TV inside, maybe it would have been safer and more fun if they gave them a controller for a robotic sub and they guided it down from the deck of the ship and then watched it on TV. If they want the experience of being there, put them in a minivan with no windows and pretend.

I haven’t followed this all that closely, but…some rich people use their money to fund local arts centers. Some super rich people use their money to try to eradicate diseases.

And some do vanity projects that cost more than most people make in a couple of years.