Poll - How do you feel about the seventeenth NFL game

  • I like the additional game.
  • I don’t like the additional game.
  • I am indifferent to it.

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For better or worse, it is here.

And, to add to the subject, the first iteration of the USFL had an eighteen game season. I wonder if the reincarnation will too.

Since Football is the only sport I follow… this is fine with me.
I expect it to go to 18.

I remember when there were 12 regular season games and maybe 4 or 6 Exhibition games. The Baltimore Colts played an Intersquad game before the exhibitions. They forced Season Ticket Holders to buy the Exhibition games. That was a rip-off.

At the time, I served Papers and the Newspaper gave Tickets to us carriers for the Intersquad game… my once a year stadium game. Actually, the number of games has not changed that much, Now, more of them count… that is good

It’s horrible from an injury standpoint and everyone knows it. But it’s all about the $.

So is the Thursday night game, but they don’t care

Yep. And the players could have stopped it,if enough wanted to. They chose the $.

That is where the Bye week should come in.
Teams get a Bye before a Thursday Night game.

I am in a CBS Pickem league where you pick winners and assign from 1 to 16 points for each game. The Major complaint is that CBS defaults to assigning 16 Confidence points to Thursday and down for each successive game.

If you do not update your selections in time for the Thursday game, you lose 16 points… very harsh. Assigning 1 point to Thursday as the default makes more sense.

A bye before the Thursday game would have teams playing Thursday, then the following Sunday.

No, Thursday and the Sunday that follows are the same week.

They would play one week then 11 days off (with included bye week) to Thursday, then 9 Days off to the next Sunday.

Agreed on the bye week.
My Yahoo pick em defaults to 1 if you don’t pick someone.
Defaulting to 16 is asinine

OK, I see what you mean.

Two potential problems. Players may not go for it because they like having the full bye week off. And, I’m not sure if you could schedule so that the bye weeks work right for all teams this way.

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Into the weeds a little bit, but why not add another bye week?

The Super Bowl is already pushed to 2/13. We’d then be into President’s Day weekend.

Get rid of a pre season game

But the owners want $. They charge full price for preseason games.

Add an 18th game and that would open up the opportunity to host the super bowl in “cold” climates by pushing the super bowl into
Spring Break.

That would ruin the USFL’s season. :grin:

Small potatoes

The USFL could sue the NFL on anti-trust grounds. It worked so well for them the last time.

I think the instigator of that lawsuit is busy with others.

I wondered before if he would get involved with the reincarnation of the USFL. He has more free time on his hands now than he did a few years ago.