Plan B in Missouri

Missouri had a “trigger law” in reference to Roe.
But, Plan B is still considered contraceptive so it is still legal.

Plan B is a contraceptive, not an abortion pill, though some anti-abortion people argue otherwise.

The upcoming fight is going to be about the pill versions and whether people have a right to them regardless of state abortion laws.

That’s where state law should dictate the rights individuals have within the states

Missouri has gone so far right I would not have been surprised

I have a off the wall thought on that.
Find an alternate use for the abortion pill, and then just diagnose pregnant women with that and prescribe it.

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That kind of thing happens often, especially for insurance approval.

Exactly, Justice Thomas wrote that other ‘faulty’ rulings should be looked at including access to contraception. My daughter is on a hormone pellet that’s injected under her skin every several months. I expect it will be illegal in Georgia in the next couple years.

Republicans in Texas and at least one other state are looking into whether they could charge a woman with a crime if she gets an abortion in a state where it’s legal. If this happens, of course they’ll go after women who get contraception out of state too.

Perhaps, though I was referring to the actual abortion pills. Most abortions these days are not surgical. But states will try to ban the pills. The DOJ is saying they’ll protect access. I’m sure this will end up in the courts, with the current SCOTUS majority finding a way to rule against it.

There was a bit of uproar in KC when St Lukes hospital said that they would not dispense the Plan B pill. This was because they were unsure of the liability for their doctors since the trigger law was vague on this. They later said they would, when the governor said it was still legal. For now. But right to lifers DO consider the morning after pill to be the equivalent of RU486 (it isn’t). And there was a push on Facebook the shame St Lukes by listing all the hospitals that WERE dispensing it. Trouble is, on of the hospitals is a Catholic hospital and I doubt that they ever dispensed any type of birth control

Justice Thomas was the quiet one for decades and now he is front and center on Republican Christian activism. YOu can’t get an abortion, and you can’t get birth control and if you get pregnant, you will be forced to give it up for adoption if you don’t want it, and because we won’t want to put a lot of damaged goods up for adoption, you will be forced to give up drinking, smoking and drugs while you are carrying that precious cargo to be given away for adoptions.

And I wouldn’t put it past Texas to make it a crime to go out of state to get an abortion, and they will likely keep the “rat on your neighbor” law of reporting someone taking a person to an abortion clinic. Either way, there will be a lot of hungry babies forced on the state or there will be a lot of women in prison that we need to pay for their stay.

Slippery slope arguments don’t hold water

Because it runs down the slope?

Texas already has the rat our your neighbor law.

Which came before Dobbs not after

The slope has already washed away, Thomas’ statements show the erosion isn’t over yet.

Thomas is one Justice. Had liberals compromised, Kavanugh and Barrett would have moved the goalposts to 15 weeks.

Leftists overplayed their hands so the courts shifted abortions to the states. My home state of Maryland will likely have abortion all 40 weeks and will also get assisted suicide. But neighboring Virginia will go from 40 to 15 weeks

Bullshit, it’s the stated goal of conservatives to overturn roe for decades. Now they have new goals and have plainly stated them.

Can’t wait - the states do better than nine judges

I’m very happy Roe is overturned

I suspect there is more happiness in store for you, contraception, gay rights, federal ban on abortion…it’s not just possible but likely. In 2022 America.

For Fucks Sake!

Keep dreaming

Didn’t you predict they’d never overturn or even undermine Roe?

It’s pretty clear from Alito’s opinion, and from Thomas’s concurrence, that they’re coming after other things.

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