On the Feds would consider this a success

Some $8 billion to collect $1/2 billion.

Democrat math.

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Your math and sense of time sucks. The 80B increase is stretched over the next decade. If you believe the IRS, the 500m recovered wouldnt be possible without the spending increase.

I have zero issues with IRS getting more funding and going after tax cheats. I read in the article the Biden Administration assured there would be no added scrutiny on families making less tham 400k. My response to that is, why not? A cheat is a cheat, and a family making 350k can afford to pay their taxes that are due.

I see where Mike Johnson wants to strip funding from IRS. Has anybody on the right given a rationale for that? Is tax dodging somehow patriotic now?

Ten percent of $80 billion is $8 billion a year, which is why Parrot said $8 billion to recover $500 million. That’s for the first year, not a great return on their investment.

Ok, he doesnt suck with math.

Id assume the 80b will have long term benefits in catching tax cheats. And i would say even if it didnt net 80B in tax cheats, its still money well spent. People have to know if you cheat, you will get caught.

Lol…the selling point of spending $80 billion was it’ll catch tax cheaters and increase revenue, not lose money.

Let’s hear it Bears, why do you (and presumably all conservatives on this board) want to defund IRS and not pursue tax cheats? Can we defund FBI too?

Wait, don’t answer the last one.

Which laws are worth enforcing?

It’s stupid to spend $8 billion to get $500 million back in taxes. Hey, if they spend $16 billion that can double the taxes recovered to $1 billion. That’s liberal math. :joy:

If your broker called and said “hey Beemer, I’ve got this great investment for you. You put up $80k and you’ll get back $5k” would you tell him to pull the trigger and do it?

So tax laws are not worth enforcing, got it.

Can any other conservatives comment on why you want to defund IRS or whether tax laws are worth enforcing? I personally don’t think conservatives are more likely to cheat on taxes but I’m beginning to wonder.

Do you really think government should only spend money where it can make a profit? You cannot possibly be that dense?

Lol…they are already enforcing tax laws, this is an ADDITIONAL $8 billion a year and it netted a whopping $500 million. Not a great return on their investment, is math really that difficult for you?

Clearly tax laws are not being enforced properly. IRS has been defunded for years going back at least to Obama. I personally know people that haven’t even filed a return in years and owe 250k+ in back taxes.

Why do you have the infantile view that governments main job is to make a profit?

They just spent an extra $8 billion to recover $500 million in unpaid taxes. Do you think that was a good investment?

Dude, the whole idea of spending $80 billion more on the IRS was to INCREASE tax revenue, they failed miserably. Why can’t you understand that?

That is by design. They don’t go after you till it’s been a very long time. They get more penalties and interest that way.

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80 billion divided by 10 equals 8 billion per year.
My math is fine.

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All laws have a cost/benefit analysis.
Do we need a State Trooper at every mile to catch speeders?

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Huh, I was able to open it via a twitter link.

On my iPad. I am not a twit.

Nobody is saying that.
The $500,000,000 recovered is 1% of 1% of the federal revenue.
Basically this proves that the amount of rich people cheating on their taxes is minuscule.

From the article:

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 authorized $80 billion to the IRS over a decade. More than half the money was earmarked to revive flagging enforcement of corporations, partnerships and rich households.

I think it is accurate to say over $4 billion per year to collect 1/2 billion. $80 billion over ten years is the total amount authorized to the IRS.