Okay WMJ

KC has a great guy, but now, so do the Bills. Great game and good guy

I got home late yesterday but made it in time to see the final touchdown and interception.

It was one of the better games in a long time

This is going to be fun to watch for several years (Bills and Chiefs fighting for second in the AFC behind the Titans)

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Titans are such wimps they need a domed stadium to protect them from that harsh Nashville weather.

HA, that is funny right there!!

They can replicate the Astrodome for old time’s sake.

Can we clone Warren Moon to replace Tannehill?

Saw this article, along with a comment that cracked me up.

“… We ‘re going to build us a $2,100,000,000 stadium in order to host Wrestlemania…”
I betcha that sentence has never been written or uttered before anywhere EVER !!!

If/when this stadium deal gets the full green light, it would link the Titans to Nashville for the foreseeable future and open the door for other major sporting events landing in the city, including the Super Bowl and College Football Playoff games. Nissan Stadium is currently unable to host those large events.

Do you build a Stadium for a one or 2 time event?

BTW, the Falcons Stadium was 1,5 Billion

No, you don’t, or at least you shouldn’t. The NFL holds out the opportunity to host a Super Bowl as an incentive to cities to help fund new stadiums, but it ends up being a one-time event. Going on memory, for recent examples the Super Bowl has been held only once in Detroit, Dallas and Indianapolis since each one of those cities built a new stadium. That alone does not justify building a new stadium.

That looks like a bargain now. By comparison, the cost of the new stadium for the Buffalo Bills is at $1.4 billion, and that is before they have broken ground or any of the inevitable cost overruns come up. And, that is in Orchard Park, across the street from their current stadium. The cost of building a new stadium in Downtown Buffalo would have been $2.5 billion.

And TBH, holding a Super Bowl actually ends up costing the community more money.

But Nashville can more than make that back by hosting Wrestlemania. :grin:


The SB was in Detroit in 2006, at Ford Field (current Lion’s home), 4 years after Ford Field was opened. It was also in the Silverdome in Pontiac (then home of the Lions) in 1982, 6-7 years after the stadium opened.

You chopped off the last part of my sentence where I said since a new stadium was built there. I was referring to Ford Field.

I remember when the game was held at the Silverdome between Cincinnati and San Francisco. The Bills lost to the Bengals in those playoffs prior to that game.

I recall that there was some informal agreement between the NFL and William Clay Ford that Ford Field would get the SB after the stadium was done and 2006 was the next date that had not been scheduled. I think Ford complained to the NFL after the Silverdome was done that nothing had been scheduled there. So the Silverdome became the first cold weather venue. The game was indoors but the fans had to travel through some pretty crappy weather and massive traffic jams to get there.

I remember that game. The previous Super Bowl was in New Orleans, and my father commented that the atmosphere in Detroit would solely be on football, compared to all of the other distractions in New Orleans.

I personally feel that if the NFL is going to put the Super Bowl in a northern city, it needs to be in a dome. If the NFL is going to award the game to a neutral site, it should be in a location where the weather will not affect the game. That is why I felt giving the Super Bowl to New Jersey several years ago was a dumb idea, and the NFL lucked out that the weather did not screw that game up. Similarly, I don’t think Miami should get the game, since it seems like half the time the game is there it rains.

The Chiefs tried to get a “rolling roof” potato chip shaped monstrosity built when the rehab of Arrowhead was passed.
Quite possibly the dumbest thing in stadium construction I have ever seen.

I saw some football games in the Silverdome, college and Lions (mainly to watch Barry Sanders). It was OK for football, but when played indoors the game had a whole different character than the games I had seen outdoors in Tiger Stadium (especially when it snowed).

The Pistons also played in the Silverdome. I saw a few game there and it was terrible arena for basketball. The Pistons left there in the late 1980s for the Palace in Auburn Hills, which was built for basketball. We saw a couple of early round NCAA games there and that was a great arena.