Not a huge Rodgers fan........but

He went off on this “journalist”.

“He is a bum…”

Rodgers can flat ball out and while he’s not everybody’s cup of tea, to my knowledge he’s never hit a woman or failed to pay taxes. I’m a fan.

My son is a Packers fan, I am a Titans fan.
If they meet in the SuperBowl he will have to find a new roof for two weeks.

I don’t care who he “went off” on. I’d have taken the high road.

His Covid actions and his lying aren’t just off field stuff. It could have cost them a game against KC, a playoff team, and it could have cost them playoff positioning.

That said, he’s a great player and still one of the top 5 for the MVP. If the Broncos trade for him, I hope they insist he gets vaxxed.

A “journalist” that has a say in your career (an MVP vote) makes an asinine/unprovoked comment about you and you “take the high road”.
Eff that, I think just calling him a “bum” was mild.

That’s the problem with “journalism” today, instead of reporting a story or voting for someone based on their skills for MVP woke “journalists” feel they need to insert their personal bias and agenda into a story.

It’s literally the journalist’s job to report on what they believe. You can argue about whether he should have gone public, but there’s also plenty of reason to criticize Rodgers. He hurt his team. That’s not MVP-worthy.

I thought their job was to report facts.

Not in this case. It is his job to determine who is the MVP on the field and to be impartial.
This dip shit should lose his vote

No he didn’t.

There are plenty of football media people who write opinion columns and/or voice their opinions on radio and television who have votes for MVP. I found the list of MVP voters from 2020:

I would bet that at least some of them have written critical things of Rodgers along with other MVP candidates. This guy has his reasons for not voting for Rodgers, just as other writers have their own reasons for whom they will not vote for.

He didn’t? He went uinvaxxed, lied about it, and had to miss a game, which they lost and only scored 7 points. How many points do they score with their HOF QB playing?

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I don’t want to debate about Rodgers specifically, but I do have a question about what you think about a players actions off the field impacting his team and if that should come into play in the NFL MVP voting.

For a really extreme hypothetical example, say you have a quarterback that puts up numbers well in excess of what Rodgers is doing. His stats absolutely blow everybody else away. However, the night before a big game with his team’s biggest divisional rival he decides to go out and get plastered and is totally hung over on game day and misses that game. His team loses that game and ends up losing the division to its rival with that one game being the tie-breaker. Ballots are submitted at the end of the regular season and before the playoffs, so the story ends here.

Should that be taken into consideration when making one’s vote for MVP?

You take it into account. If the numbers are that incredible. maybe he’s still the MVP. Maybe Rodgers should be too; he’s certainly in the top 5.

But this isn’t just off-field stuff. He literally cost his team at least a game with his selfish lying behavior. His choice not to get vaccinated (even aside from lying about it) affected his performance on field.

and what About Ray Lewis? No problems for Defensive player of the year

No problem with that, if it is factually accurate.

He didn’t lie, the NFL, his management, and his teammates knew his vax status.
Even vaxxed, he would have had to miss that game due to Covid protocol.

If that player is that important to his team that they lose the division due to him being “off” for one game, then his “value” is obvious.

So I take it that your answer to my question is, “No?”

Hey, it was a long winded question, so I gave a medium winded answer.
I didn’t feel just a “no” would suffice.