Had a quick thought of skipping holiday stuff and taking my kid to an NFL game this Xmas. I learned that ticket prices are substantially higher. Cheap seats $115.

That is about the going price.
Had a neighbor that won a pack of 4 and he tried to sell them for $1000 for the set.

Cheap seats …AKA , Bob Uecker seats.

I wondered about that, but glanced at a different game for context and tix were available for $59. The difference, other than date, is Seahawks vs. Broncos.

Ya, a game like that will be a premium.

To clarify, both games were Rams. So, the difference was Rams v. Seahawks or Rams v. Broncos.

The Broncos are historically the better team, but don’t have the better record this year. But the Xmas day game with them is expensive, while the Seahawks one is cheap.

Just my suggestion, but if you are coming to Los Angeles and don’t care about the teams, check Chargers tickets. They generally are less expensive than Rams tickets.

I misunderstood, I thought you meant Broncos v. Seahawks
I would guess the Hawks game would be more since it is in division.

Except I’m a Broncos fan. They’ve already played at Chargers this year. Chargers games can be interesting because they don’t have a strong local fan base, so visiting team fans are as common as theirs.

Presumably, the initial prices were set before the season, when the Broncos had hopes of a good year and the Seahawks didn’t. Then reality intervened. But, from the note on the page, it looks like they’re using dynamic demand pricing, so things could change.

Where are you checking prices? I assumed a third party reseller site like Vivid Seats or StubHub.

Rams web site.

Sounds Racist to me!

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Check Vivid Seats. I used them a few times including the Rams- Bills game earlier this year. It has worked fine. Here are the prices now, though you will need to add on an additional 33% or so for fees. If these prices are too high for your liking you might try waiting and see how things go. If the Rams keep going south the ticket prices may go in the same direction.

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I’ve never bought tix from the third party sites. Thx.

Just curious, but it is because you are nervous of the tickets not coming through? For what it is worth, I have used both StubHub and Vivid Seats and never had any issues. For one instance we had bought tickets to a Manheim Steamroller concert and they had to cancel it in the middle of the performance. when they had mechanical issues. I had bought the tickets through StubHub, and I got a refund with no problems at all.

If you are still interested in going to a game and can go at the last minute, I would keep checking the prices. Based on what I have seen here, the Rams support is as high as the team is and tends to fall along with the team too, It looks like the Rams are suffering from the Super Bowl hangover, and it is very possible that they will fall further in the standings. If that happens I expect the ticket prices to fall too.

By comparison, I paid a total of $210 for one ticket to the Bills - Rams game. This was around $155 base price plus fees and was in the cheapest part of the stadium. The seats were decent, though. For another story, back when the Rams first came back to Los Angeles a former co-worker of mine spent $140 for a ticket to see them play the Falcons. That game was late in the season, and after the Rams had gone into the tank he said he saw tickets for the same seats for $35 on StubHub.

I’ve only been to a handful of NFL games. More concerned about scam sites. I’ve at least heard of Stubhub, though I’ve never used it. I know nothing about Vivid seats.

Weird thing, was just looking at Roseanne Cash tickets in Fresno next week. Thought about buying, but the concert is 10:30 AM on a Wednesday. Never seen that before. Luckily, she’s coming to Bakersfield in February.

To @mcarley: It looks like my prediction is playing out. Here are the latest prices on Vivid Seats. Compare that to my earlier screen shot. If I were you, I would hold out a bit longer, as it doesn’t look like the Rams are going anywhere this year and the ticket prices will probably go down even further.

Cool. Still not sure if that’s what we’d want to do on Xmas day. Haven’t talked to the kid about it.

@mcarley Here is the latest trend. The prices keep falling, and I doubt it is over. If the Rams shut Stafford down for the season, as is being discussed by some pundits, the prices will fall through the floor.

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And the lowest price just broke the $40 line.

I am sure that Denver with Russell Wilson at the Super Bowl Champion Rams seemed like a great Christmas Day marquee game at the time.

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