My favorite songs

I loved the way Oscar Hammerstein II was so far ahead of his time regarding social issues.

This is one of my favorites

A bit of an overlooked gem. Okay, it’s more of girlie thing I suppose, but not necessarily limited that gender. Nice concert presentation with quiet, competent instrumental backing.

My Dad drove semi for several decades, this was one of my favorite songs growing up.

Two versions of “My Way”

About a year ago my son came walking up the stairs with his air pods in singing the Sinatra version of this song. It was awesome.

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How about this one hit wonder from CW McCall? He is still alive today at age 92. He capitalized on the CB craze in the 70’s.

I posted that to my FB page 5 days ago.

And the movie version, starring Kris Kristofferson.

I can only stand Red Sovine so much. Too schmaltzy.

One of my favorite songs ever.

Three that always seemed to be in the stack of 45s in my early teens.

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Submitting this favorite just to illustrate that all my favorites aren’t along the lines of suicide inducing laments. :innocent:

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And it was written by Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller