More wet market evidence

My wife is going to get me Paxlovid.
I will see how if does

I had a pretty mild case. Of course, I’ll never know if Paxlovid was much of a factor. One thing to beware of is “Paxlovid mouth.” It secretes through your salivary glands, so a sour/bitter taste in your mouth for the 5 days you take it.

Mcarley - Since my liberal friends think I am too conservative and my conservative friends think I am too liberal, that probably makes me a moderate :smile:

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Mine is fairly mild, but my wife convinced me to call the dr, and since I am over 50 she just went ahead and called it in.

I can relate.


How have I never heard that song before??
Great song!!

This is the Roger Miller collection I got, though later I got the full Big River soundtrack and a couple of other things. Amazon says I bought it in 1999.

Likely you’ve never heard this one either then, especially since it’s an incomplete outtake. Similar sentiment.

Again, not trying to sound conspiratorial, but this reeks of China’s hand picked “scientists” and “researchers” being given information to push towards a zoological theory and then nobody being able to check their work.

American researchers already downloaded it. Not sure what’s going on. The wet market hypothesis isn’t one they really like being out there either.

Much less damaging than the lab leak theory.

The coon dog thing is preposterous. A coon dog would not last 5 minutes in China. Neither would a bird dog; they eat them all!

For those who lack redneck understanding, a bird dog is one you take to hunt birds. For example, a black Lab likes nothing less than to jump in the water, and his job is to fetch the bird you shot and bring it back to you, all while having a lot of fun for a dog.

A coon dog is one you take to hunt raccoons. Its job is not to fetch the varmint but to find it and chase it up a tree, where you shoot it.

Back to reality, there IS no natural cause of Wuhan flu because it was manufactured using gain-of-function to get it to even work in humans. “Natural” does not at all explain the rapid appearance around the world but purposeful planting of it (called leaking) certainly can explain.

They are native to china.

Are you trying to speak to Taz using facts?

He’s thinking of a coon dog or coon hound. A dog used to hunt raccoons.

A raccoon dog is an animal native to China

Goodness! I plead ignorance.

But I will stand by my speculation that this canid would not last any longer in China than any other dog whether bird dog or coon dog. They do eat things other than fish heads and rice.

They do eat them. It’s why it was at the wet market.


We already knew raccoon dogs couldn’t transmit the virus.