More wet market evidence


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Of course The Atlantic is going to try to prove it didn’t come from a lab, they have an agenda and getting to the truth isn’t part of that agenda.

This is a shorter take covering much of the same ground as The Atlantic piece. The Fat Lady may never warble on this, but those who considered that it was “case closed” when a couple of weeks ago the DOE and FBI sorta came down the side of lab origin. DOE and FBI, low confidence assessemt, or teams of trained virologists’ findings? Hmmm…

This is low confidence as well.

The problem is the data is coming from China, which has a history of lying.

Are the scores of virologists are Chinese? And much of the data comes from independent sources. The matter’s probably far from settled, but I’d guess that the preponderance of the evidence doesn’t really support the lab leaf hypothesis. (The only established facts seem to be that it had a Chinese origin, and that it wasn’t an intentional evil Asian plot).

No, the data comes from the Chinese. It is stated as such in the article. I get you are rooting for your comrades but they are dishonest. The interpretation of the data is coming from many places but if the original data is off then the interpretation will be off.

Both theories hold the same weight at this time. It is going to be hard to prove either since China isn’t being honest.

That isn’t established either. We assume it came from China but there is evidence it has been around longer than the outbreak in China. So it could have originated somewhere else but most likely it was China.
We don’t know if it was intentional or not. Some people speculate China did it on purpose to stop the Hong Kong Riots. I don’t believe that but I wouldn’t put it past China.

Nobody said it was “case closed”.
The issue is that for two years anyone who supported the most likely theory was labeled an extreme, racist, conspiracy theorist.

So three years later we are talking about raccoon dogs??
This should be under the humor category!

I couldn’t read the full article due to pay wall, but I doing another article.
This is all you need to know to discount the entire thing;

“The data does point even further to a market origin,” Prof Kristian Andersen”

This is Fauci’s piss boy!!

YOu should know that whenever anything is counter to what the conservatives here believe, you are automatically wrong.


yahoo has the whole article without the paywall. Basically, the title is misleading. Their strongest evidence is as strong as the lab leak evidence.

The real issue is China is dishonest and manipulates data. That makes it impossible to get an accurate read of what happened. Even if it was a lab leak, I would give them a pass if they had been honest about it.

Sure seems that way.

This is exactly why we’ll never be sure what caused covid. Instead, we’ll continue to argue about it and politicize something that really shouldn’t be political.

Careful, you’re wandering into TSZ conspiracy territory there.

90% of the things we politicize shouldn’t be political.

I am not a fan of that theory but it is possible. I think the most likely theory is they had a lab accident and released it into the wild.

I will say the strongest evidence of a natural cause is that it was showing up in March in other countries. A lab leak would have most likely been very local to the outbreak.

Then you aren’t paying attention

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How about this this then. anytime one of the 4 liberals post on these boards, there is a 75% chance that one of the responses will be FOR FUCK’S SAKE

Some of the liberal people in this forum think that I am very conservative when I am actually a moderate.