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Who is the actress in this 1940 photo when she was 14 years old

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Shirley Temple?

No, it is not Shirley Temple

I cheated, so I won’t say the answer, just that she looked very different later.

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Hint: she was so beautiful that a man could get a seven year itch seeng her in a movie.

I would have never guessed. Good one.

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I cheated, I had an inkling due to the age, but thought I was wrong so didn’t post it.
Should have went with my gut.

Don’t walk over the Subway Darling

to the tune of…

It occurred to me that the younger people in this group may not understand my hint. During the fifties Marilyn Monroe starred in a move titled “The Seven Year Itch”. which subsequently became a popular expression.

That reminds me of the day after our 40th Anniversary on Aug 26 (Anniversary was on Aug. 25).
After ‘celebrating’ at home…you can guess, the wild thing. We decided to go to our favorite watering hole and drink a lot.

The next day we went to a restaurant that serves alcohol, we told the waitress that we needed some “Hair of the Dog”

We got nothing but blank stares.

BTW…we didn’t drive to or from the watering hole. And at the restaurant we only had one drink.

Who is the famous person in this 1980 photo

Princess Diana?

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I forgot how classically beautiful she was.

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Yes, it is a photo of Princess Diana when she was still Lady Diana Spencer.

Who is the famous mom in this photo who is playing the piano for her children

Shirley Temple?

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branchkin - You are correct. It is Shirley Temple when she was an adult

Who is the actress in this 1933 photo

Got to be Lucille Ball.

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WTG Branchkin - You are correct. I think Lucille Ball looks much different in that 1933 photo than when she was a well known actress