Last day of the Month, and here is the dumbest thing!

I put this under humor, because there is no way anyone can take this moron seriously.

I remember in about 6th grade, the teacher telling us that geographers debated whether Europe should be considered a continent. But, when the criteria are explained, it seemed obvious to me. Of course, they’re not a continent. Eurasia is a continent.

Pluto is no longer a planet because they clarified the definition of a planet. By most reasonable definitions, Europe is not a continent.


Don’t double down on her idiocy!!!

What’s the definition of a continent? It turns out it is “convention rather than strict criteria.” Science should work better than that. Pluto is not a planet. Europe should not be a continent.

From the fucking dictionary!!!

“any of the world’s main continuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America).”

A separation or division of land.

BTW why do lefties always like to change the definition of words?

I feel like McCarly could work for the Ministry of Truth!!

Yes, but if a definition offends a handful of lefties we need to change the definition to fit their agenda, or they’ll whine like little bitches.

Those aren’t measurable criteria. Europe and Asia are on the same continental plate.

Again, “continuous expanses” would define the continent as Eurasia, not Europe and Asia. Where’s the separation? How do you draw the line? the distinction is cultural and political, not geographical.

The definition literally uses “Europe” as an example!!!
You are embarrassing yourself!!

Where’s the dividing line between Europe and Asia? Should it be based on politics or geography? Is Russia in Europe, Asia, or both?

I don’t know how accurate this is, but when I was in elementary school one teacher said that “they” almost made the Indian subcontinent a separate continent before deciding to keep it as part of Asia. That debate is just about as important as the one going on here.

The Ural mountains according to most geographers.

Agreed, but a nationally recognized “expert” and Pulitzer Prize winner brought it up.

What if Ireland identifies as part of Asia or Africa identifies is being Australia?

Geographers continue to debate this stuff. It seems to me they should talk about it the way astronomers talked about Pluto. Define some criteria and make a call. And my take would be that the criteria would be geographical/geological, not cultural or political. Pretend there are no humans.

Of course, astronomers are still debating too.

Here’s a fun piece I wrote a few years ago:

"Continental collisions gave rise to the Urals between 250 and 300 million years ago, making them among the oldest mountains on Earth’

But, but, but, but, RACISM!!!

By all means, but the last fucking person in the world who should be in that conversation is the moron Nicole Hannah-Jones.

Mcarley is looking at facts, I don’t think he’s buying into the concept that Europe is called a continent only so Americans will suddenly care what happens there.

Having said that, of course Americans care more about europe than Australia or Asia because a bunch of us are from there. And yes, they live like we do. Oh, and if somebody takes over europe it’s a matter of time until they build enough boats to threaten America. I don’t find this notion racist in the least, europe is most of our citizens heritage.