Kellyanne Conway's triumphant return

So Kellyanne was on with Hannity last night, discussing the final days of the United States, under the Biden administration, when she decided to try a bit of comedy.
While discussing inflation and supply chain issues, she asserted that no such issues ever occurred under Trump’s watch.

I guess she forgot the empty shelves, no toilet paper, no pasta, no rice, no coffee. The rationing of many items. I haven’t seen anything like that recently, have you?

Nov 8 2020

So you are comparing panic buying at the beginning of the pandemic to the cluster fuck that is going on now?
You have to be kidding.

In 2020, we couldn’t buy items we needed. Right now, I’m not being affected by any supply issues. Not that there aren’t problems, but I was affected way more in 2020. But I’m not blaming Trump, just like I’m now not blaming Biden.
Only the hypocrite Republicans are pointing fingers…NOW, not then.

I was able to buy everything I needed in 2020 through normal sources.

2021 I have not been able to get the major items I need. According to polls, that is the experience of most Americans. As such your experience is unique to you.

2020 we were able to get everything we needed at work.
Now we are 6-8 week minimum waiting for almost everything.

Anyone notice empty grocery shelves right now? I haven’t seen any.
Was it just me who witnessed aisles of empty shelves in 2020?
Stop with the bullshit. I’m not a delusional Trump supporter who doesn’t believe what’s right in front of his face.

Yes, all the time. Many new articles have been posted on the topic.

4 reasons Americans are still seeing empty shelves and long waits | PIX11

PScott is right but he’s talking about the lockdowns that caused the panic buying where we couldn’t get meat, bread, or toilet paper for 21 days. It’s no different from the mandatory vaccines causing the supply shortages. Fear is too big a motivator


The point being, is that Trump wasn’t to blame for supply issues in 2020, and Biden is not to blame now.
I’m surprised that the Biden haters aren’t blaming him for the low vaccination rates in the red states, and the over-represented numbers of Republicans dead and dying from covid-19. Or are they?

We had a temporary shortage because of stockpiling. While supplies were short, I could get anything I wanted in 2020.

That isn’t true in 2021.

This is Biden’s fault as he has done nothing to correct it. Nothing.

The truth will set you free WM!
BIDEN has worked to get the ports running 24/7.
Nothing to you of course.
And please educate this average guy, about how Biden is responsible for how companies misjudged demand, cutting way back on production, and were too slow in getting back to business?

If you ask me, the problem happening right now, began prior to Biden taking office. Should we blame him for events that occurred prior to January 20?

His work has failed.

Biden’s 24/7 port schedule is pointless when warehouses aren’t open at 3 a.m. and there aren’t enough truckers to collect cargo, logistics exec says (

Try educating yourself about the supply chain issues, and then you can continue embarrassing yourself by pointing the finger at Biden.

And since we’re all in agreement about who is responsible for the severity of the pandemic, we can probably point the finger at Trump, if you feel the need to blame a single individual. A less severe pandemic would have meant less of a supply chain issue.

Fauci. Are we all in agreement?

Lol…check the inflation rate and Biden’s dropping approval numbers, it has everything to do with supply issues today and Biden’s incompetence.

As the American people have said. Biden is focusing on the wrong topics.

He is more focused on stupid things that mean little to people.

Same here. I personally had no issue in 2020 and the company I work for had no issue. Currently the company is having issues securing raw goods from which there is talk about having to idle that small manufacturing plant for the next 3 months or so. I ordered a Ford Maverick back in early July, It is finally scheduled for production next week.

For the last 9 months or so, I have been able to buy most of what I want but the prices are WAY higher on everything I buy.

Yes. Pasta shelves are still half empty. Much less beef in the stores. Meat prices overall have soared. When I compare grocery prices to even a year ago, everything is much more expensive. There’s still product availability issues, as sometimes the things you want are there and sometimes they’re not. We’ve been in the market for a new freezer for 18 months, but they have all been unavailable. The size we need is just now becoming available in the cheapo models. I just hope the old one keeps cooling. Need a new car? Too bad. We have a friend whose 3 year old vehicle is sitting idle because the dealer can’t get a replacement computer chip for the engine after the original one failed.

If you haven’t noticed these types things of, then either you haven’t been looking or you’re just willfully ignorant.