Kellyanne Conway's triumphant return

He is focused on saving us from the manufactured climate crisis that the models predict 30 years from now and completely gave up on today’s kitchen table issues. Speaking of kitchen table issues, have you seen the price of food? Meatflation is just crazy! Many are going to have a turkeyless thanksgiving meal this year.

Are you taking bets on the former or the latter?

I have noticed prices have gone up and when I notice, it’s bad. I don’t typically pay attention to what I spend at the grocery store.

I was spending about 120 a week. The last time we went it was over 200.

I typically do the grocery shopping. I noticed the prices movements about 9 months ago and they keep getting worse. 5 Bags at Aldi the other day was a whopping $179. I have changed some of my grocery buying habits due to prices. We use to eat steak 2 times a week. Now its maybe every other week. We eat a lot more pork and chicken. I typically make a family dinner with inlaws on Sundays. I would typically grill 5-7# of steak for that meal but I quit doing that. Current prices for the meat would be $60-$100 depending on cut. I think Ribeye was about $15/# last time I was at the store. I haven’t been out to a steak house since before covid. I would probably be completely mind blown to go see what prices have done at a steakhouse.

Yes, it’s your boy Biden. Creepy Uncle Joe made a lot of promises and told many lies, when will he get off his ass and actually do something?

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