Jokes for April

Lol. I still need to watch that movie


You’ve never seen Blazing Saddles?

No. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it.

I’m driving to Chicago today. My friend doesn’t get off work till 10pm. Maybe I’ll watch it while I wait on her ass.

I just checked, it’s not available for free on any channel but you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video or Vudu for $4. It’s pretty funny and classic Mel Brooks.

It is certainly worth $4.

I am tempted to rent it and make my friend watch it. She’s 25. So it’d be interesting to get her take on it.

I don’t get the younger generation.


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You can also see the funniest clips on YouTube!

Blazing Saddles is especially enjoyable because nothing like it would EVER get made today. The filmmakers would be too deathly terrified of being canceled.

Let us know how she takes it. I’m eager to know myself. Many young folks seem very somber on the topic of race…I am wondering if the humor will miss her.

She totally flaked out. We are no longer speaking. Lol. She wanted more than I would give her and it pissed her off.

She always known I wasn’t available to her for dating. So to act like this was new information is stupid but that’s people now days.

Wow. Sounds like somebody has daddy issues.

Oh major daddy issues. The whole story is entertaining as hell but weird as shit.

One thing I often forget is intelligence is not the same as maturity.

I expect people to act as adults.


Mrs. Maven, I think the same thing every time I look in the mirror & see a man with gray hairs! :flushed:

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That’s how I feel when I look in a mirror and see my dad looking back.