Is this a question worth "masking"?

Examining the data linked to previous masking requirements it looks as if they are indeed pretty effective in limiting spread and exposure. But I suppose politics will kill any effort to restore mandatory use.

BTW, this MedPageToday is a very useful source of legit information, I get email heads-ups daily with some really great links to non-fake news sites.

What study shows that?

Did you bother reading my link. I’ll help you with the big words and explain the tricky parts if necessary.
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The study is garbage. Read the conclusions and it’s pretty much racism. That isn’t science.

Real science shows mask just don’t work. When people work on then phd they have to add to the body of science. People often pick mask because it’s east to study. Before Covid the consensus were mask were ineffective. Hundreds of studies have shown that to be true.

What does help? Better air flow and filtration. That does work but it’s hard to fix that problem without designing it in the building from the start.

Einstien is right…masks don’t work. Doctors only wear them in surgery becaust they make them look cool…like on a medical TV show. Most doctors will tell you that they would prefer to perform surgery maskless because the mask isn’t going to prevent anything the doctor or nurses might have from getting to the patient. They only wear them because it’s a feel good measure for the families, but there is no scientific basis for them

I’m not an esteemed scientist or epidemiologist who knows everything health related. But I kind of think that if I am sick…NOT with covid, but a cold or flu…a mask MIGHT…just maybe, prevent sneezes of coughs from reaching my coworkers and classmates so easily. I know it’s scientifically impossible for such a thing to happen because masks don’t work.

Now…I wouldn’t want EVERYBODY to have to wear a mask, but if someone is going to insist on going to work or school while they are sick, I’d feel just a little bit more comfortable if they were doing their hacking and sneezing behind a mask.


It’s solving a different problem. We wear mask in case we sneeze or cough because of bacteria. It isn’t to stop Covid

Understatement of the year. Read the studies and trust science.

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Understatement of the year. Read the studies and trust science.
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And when’s the last time you practiced medicine, Doctor Spin?

When have you ever practiced?

One doesn’t need practice when one has already reached perfection. :innocent:

Right. For years, those no nothings in Japan would wear a mask when they got sick. It seemed to help. But this is Murrica…where we have politicized common sense. If you’re sick, either stay home or wear a mask. I’m not for everyone making up 24/7. But I’m coming off the worst “cold” I’ve ever had. I test negative for covid, but I wouldn’t want others to get it, so I stay home. And if I had to go out to get groceries, then I would wear a mask. Common sense actually. But now a days, a mask means you want to suck Fauci’s cock and bow down to the Covid gods. It doesn’t. I don’t want everyone to wear a mask, but if you are sick and feel you MUST go out, it sure wouldn’t hurt.

I"ve been told by the wisest person on this board that masks don’t work. It’s a blanket statement…masks don’t work. I heard it from the board expert. I think the only person who may know more about masks than him is Donald Trump.

Find me a post, from anyone, anywhere, that calls for Dr.’s to stop wearing masks in surgery.

Masks don’t work. It’s scientifically proven. WM said “masks don’t work” Why bother wearing them. You all need to learn to finish sentences. Maybe "masks don’t work to stop COVID, although the article seemed to be more about RSV and the flu. But we only hear the masks don’t work.


And yet you brought up surgery rooms!!!

Chande the blanket statement.

It has never been a blanket statement.

They wear them for pollution. It does help against pollution.

I like your strategy. Argue from ignorance rather then read the journal articles