Identify the photo

Vivien Leigh. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

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glasspilot - You are correct

Burton, Taylor and baby

weenut - You are correct about Elizabeth Taylor but she is with one of her other husbands.

Hint: Would you like to go around the world to search for him

That must be Mike Todd, who Taylor called her one true love.

As for the next photo, I think that is Walt Disney on the right. Not sure about the left guy.

jimtoo - Yes, it is Mike Todd and Liz Taylor often referred to him as her one true love.

Yes to Walt The other guy is a movie star

Hint: Do you need coppertone sunscreen lotion in the twilight zone?

Another Hint: This will photo was taken in 1971 when the girl in this photo was nine years old. She started her career at the age of three in commercials and subsequently became an actress and filmmaker.

The man is this photo was a screenwriter and producer, but best known for his narration in a T V series.

The guy looks a bit Like Rod Serling. I am guessing that the girl is Drew Barrymore.

for the one I posted

he’s missing facial hair that is his famous trademark

Rod Sterling and Jodie Foster.

WTG branchkin - You are correct

jimtoo - Rod Serling is correct but the girl is someone else

Rue McClanahan from the Golden girls

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WTG sister - you are correct :grinning:

Excellent Sister. I would have never guessed that.