Identify the photo

The Waltons?


Another hint.

The house from Cape Fear?


I found it but I cheated. I’ve never watched those films so wouldn’t have known.

The reference is just one movie :wink:

Vertigo? Or another Hitchcock?


Jack Nicholson and ?

Branchkin - yes it is Jack Nicholson and someone else who were taking a break together while filming a movie. Jack Nicholson starred in this movie and the other person was a producer of this movie but he is also a very well known actor.

I’m going with Michael Douglas next to Jack and the pigtailed girl might be Natalie Wood.


Jim too - All of your answers are correct. The Jack Nicholson move where Michael Douglas was a producer is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The photo of Natalie Wood is from the 1946 move Tomorrow is Forever

One flew over the cuckoo nest is based on the Oregon state hospital in Salem where I am staying.

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