I need to get back to weights

I haven’t had a gym membership in several years. I do 40 minutes on my eliptical each morning, need to add other stuff.

I have a set of PowerBlock adjustable weights (bowflex makes some too).

That and a portable bench can get you a great start.
Can adjust up to 50 lbs in 5 lb incriments.

I think I have some old dumbells in the closet. I had a resistance band, but it disappeared. Just bought a new one, but it’s way longer and I’m still figuring out how to use it. I was used to a short one.

I also have a pull up/dip bar.
I started with resistance bands to help, but now can do it with no help (and even a little added weight).

This isn’t the exact one, but similar.

No need to be elaborate, dumbells and body weight are literally the best exercises.

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Thats what I have, the classic set that’s up to 90 lbs. Unless you’re in the NFL or s power lifter it’s all you need. We also have a squat rack and set of Olympic weights, my kid will throw them around sometimes.

I like dumbells because if I am lifting alone, I don’t have to worry about a barbell coming down on my neck.

The Powerblocks are nice because they are easy to adjust and take up the space of 1 pair of dumbbells. 90 pounds is more than enough for anyone over 50, I only go that high for the farmers walk, shrugs and goblet squat.

I HATE squats.
I used to refer to myself as “skip leg day guy”.
But at the small gym my wife and I go to now the trainer won’t let me.

Life insurance paid up? Wife happy?

I wont lift a weight heavier than 12oz until im single, just dont care how i look naked when in a relationship. Worst thing for my fitness is discovering mountain biking, if i have a couple free hours im going for a ride over everything else.

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No one cares what I look like naked; no one is around these days. But I would like to live a few more years and be relatively healthy as I do.

Weights will definitely enhance and extend quality of life. I remember some study saying you lose 95% muscle tissue every year past 40 or something like that.

Got this the other day for cardio… working up the willpower to give it a try.

If you want something basic. TRX

Legs are the most important thing to work. It is a large mass of muscles.

That’s some funny shit!

I’m currently doing 16oz curls but I did have a 20 mile day. 5m run this morning then a 2m walk with the dog, 13m ride on the hardtail because the full suspension bike is in the shop. I literally rode the drivetrain into the ground, it’s getting a $500 refresh.

I have a TRX knock off that works fine, I prefer dumbbells. I find some exercises with the suspension trainer awkward, but it is a good way to get started.

Only thing I’ve got going for me is legs, I’m basically Dad Bod otherwise. Thankfully my gf is a leg girl.

Blah, blah, blah!!!