I found this pretty funny

These are screenshots from a youtube video of people having a bad day

Why would you wear a mask outside at the beach?

Because Fauci told them to.

All hail Fauci.

Yesterday, I had someone from Orkin pest control company come over my house to do some repair work on the window screens in the crawl space.[mice were getting in there]

It took him about 2 hours to do what needed to be done. The whole time he was outside and for the entire time, he was wearing a mask.

It was probably company policy. Kind of ridiculous.

What the fuck does Fauci have to do with this? I thought it was funny…not fucking political. You guys should get out more often.

Agreed, I knew what you were doing, but also knew it would become political.
Which is why I didn’t comment initially.

My son and I were out on a boat ride a few months ago. He is eleven and very diligent on his own about wearing a mask whether we tell him or not. Unfortunately, his diligence did not extend to him listening to me telling him to wear his brimmed hat to protect his face against sunburn. Unbeknownst to me, he was out for a while with his hat off. He still has the tan marks from the mask today.

I was about to say everything Covid related is political but ill change that to everything in general is political now.

Imabass asked why someone would wear a mask to the beach and I told him why.

Lol…I probably get out more than you. Two weeks ago Friday my wife went to a baby shower for a teacher at her school and I went out to the bar with a few buddies. My wife and a few work friends met us at the bar after the shower. On Saturday we went to an Oktoberfest with a couple hundred people and then back to our house with a few couples. Last Friday me and my wife went out for our anniversary to our favorite restaurant and Saturday I surprised my wife by having most of our wedding party at our house to celebrate our 26th anniversary. Nobody was wearing a mask at any of the events, Fauci fanboys like you were hiding in your basements afraid of your own shadow.

This weekend we’re going to our favorite Italian restaurant Thursday night, a wedding Friday night and I’m heading down to U of I for Dad’s weekend with my son. Trust me, masks will be optional.

I didn’t say anything about masks. I just posted a picture I found funny. YOu had to make it political . Here’s how much I got out so far this month.

Once again, your post is about masks, Imabass asked why someone would wear a mask to the beach and I told him why. Your buddy Fauci.

BTW everything is political these days thanks to lefties.

Says the guy who introduced politics into a humor thread. I regret posting this. And you really should get out more.

Hmmm…your idea of getting out and mine are very different. At the Oktoberfest I was dancing with my neighbors 30-year-old daughter and her friends, one of her friends called me a DILF and offered me her number. It was a fun night.

For the third time, your post is about masks, Imabass asked why someone would wear a mask to the beach and I told him why.

Great…maybe other women can give you their numbers and you can discover alimony.

Best part of being divorced is no matter how old I get the 30 year olds don’t seem to age!

Lol… I’d never cheat on my wife and she knows that. My neighbor’s daughter told her friend that my wife would kick her ass, and not in a jokingly way but serious. It was a great night, I would have been dancing with my wife except for she blew out her knee a few weeks ago in a 5K.

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That’s why I like high school girls, I keep getting older and they stay the same age. -Dazed and Confused movie.

Seriously though, I’m surprised at how many younger women are into men over 50 years old. When I was 30 a 50+ woman was old, no thanks.