I can't imagine being this parent

Overprotective is a drastic understatement!!!

It’s these kind of experiences that turn 15 year old into adults. If the mother is that concerned about Covid, tell her daughter that she can go but must semi-quarantine for at least a week once home.

The columnist agreed with the parent in this case.

Humans suck at assessing risk. I have a 13YO and he’s vaccinated. From everything I can tell, nothing is perfect, but the risk should be minimal if the teen is fully vaccinated.

Both of my kids are literally staffing summer camps all summer.

The main problem with this type of overbearing parenting is that when this kid gets the chance to take risks, she won’t be able to differentiate between minima and real risk.


Good for your kids, hope they have fun!

As to your second point, these kiddos become adults who don’t know much about life!

When I was 17 years old, my parents had to sign a waiver to let me go skydiving. A few years later, wanted to get a motorcycle. I was about 20 years old. My parents would not allow me to get one.

To this day at age 67 have never owned or ridden on a motorcycle. Have been on a few dirt bikes in the the woods though.

My dad drove semi and a biker crossed the yellow and hit dad head on. The semi was fine but the biker was killed.
Dad forbid any of us to ride a motorcycle.
To this day I have never driven one.

Anyone that crosses the yellow line face on with a semi is in trouble, motorcycle or not. Even an Escalade or Hummer is scrap metal after that.

Ya that one messed up dad for quite a long time.
It was pretty graphic when he told the story.

When my kid was in 6th grade the whole class went on a two night trip about 60 miles from home. Only a handful of parents out of probably 500 wouldn’t let their kid go. My son went to Spain with a few buddies his senior year, my wife was worried but he was fine. Parents need to let kids experience things and grow.

Yeah that would be a tough thing to see & deal with, even though it was no fault of his own.

From a 3rd party observer’s perspective, I shrug my shoulders quite indifferently at the biker in that case. Highway driving is a dangerous business, and the lane dividers exist for a reason. He obviously was not fulfilling his duty to himself & his fellow drivers to be safe & disciplined.

I believe we are way too forgiving & sympathetic to irresponsible unsafe drivers. Furthermore, we retardedly focus (fixate) on speed to a fault, while ignoring other behaviors that result in hazardous situations — things like tailgating, left lane blocking (causes road rage in others), distraction, passivity/disengagement).

True, because speed is easy to catch, and catching speeders generates revenue. The guy who cut across three lanes of traffic to get to the exit he almost missed did something far more dangerous, but will get away with it, unless a cop happened to be present.



LOL…police should just let criminals know when and where they will be to make it easier for criminals to commit crime.

Here’s a crazy idea, if you don’t want to pay a fine don’t speed. Try it Mcarley, it works.

Does the EPA only exist to generate revenue? How about the IRS, are auditors only there to fine and penalize people?

That is an unmarked car. Those are not used except in certain scenarios.

While it’s a cute meme. It’s completely inaccurate. here is what the typical cop car looks like.

Mcarleys point stands, in Europe the police are part of the community and meant to stand out. Many don’t even carry guns. In America the cars are often stealthy and if you get pulled over it might look like we’re going to war. Many cops wear combat boots and tactical vests with mags strapped to them.

Huh? Our cars are clearly marked in the united states. You call this stealthy?

European police wear combat boots as well. It’s to prevent twisting the ankle.

I have never seen a cop wearing a tactical vest with magazines strapped them outside of a tactical incident in the united states.

How much time does that car spend sitting under an underpass, waiting to catch speeders?

I was contributing to the point that brobbs made: there is an overemphasis on speeding. It is almost never enforced where it is an actual safety problem: residential neighborhoods, but is heavily enforced where it is usually, at most, a minor issue: highways. It’s a method of revenue generation.

You need to come to Clayton or or Henry counties south of Atlanta. Most of their police cars Ive seen are black and the lettering on side is grey, barely noticeable that it’s a police car. And I’ve been pulled over in Atlanta by a policeman in full tactical gear except a helmet. In Clayton that’s routine too, buddy got pulled over at 6am by a tactical guy and wasn’t sure what he got caught up in.

So do criminals.