I can see both sides/non compete

There should be tighter regulation, but not an outright ban.

I can see Non compete clauses in certain industries and positions.

It has gotten ridiculous, right down to sandwich shops. But, yeah, there might be certain industries where they’re legit.

This is one of those issues that I can’t think of a solution off the top of my head, but if you gave me 12 hours I could come up with something better than an outright ban.

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The alternative is the legislature having to figure out which areas are allowed to have them and which are not. Presumably those that deal with intellectual property and such, but there are often unintended consequences when lawmakers take on this responsibility.

People can choose not to work for a company that has a no compete agreement.

Or people can choose not to work at a company that has a no compete clause.

If you’re that valuable. The company has to pay you till it expires

Nice try but every company I’ve worker for has a non-compete

How many different jobs have you had over the last 20 years?

8 or so

That is kind of their job.

If you read the article a lot of them don’t know until they start. By that time they have already committed.

Yes, but there will be unintended consequences. Lawmakers aren’t good at details and industries change.

In WM’s field (IT?), non-competes might make sense in some cases, though they probably take it farther than necessary. I’ve never signed one, though I did have something close to an NDA when I worked briefly in market research.

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There are unintended consequences of letting unelected/appointed bureaucrats make rules too, more so than passing legislation that is actually well written with a purpose.

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I agree, and in this case, it’s probably worth it. I’d have thought you’d take the more government keep your hands off position.

I am not an ideologue or an anarchist.
Limited and common sense regulations are needed.
I am not the “do I need a licence for my toaster” guy.

Reminds me of the leader of the Libertarian Party getting booed at his own convention a few years ago because he said maybe driver’s licenses were a good idea.

It was a debate, same one.

Oh yeah, forgot about toaster guy.

You should not be able to prohibit an employee from earning a living in the career and/or industry in which all of their experience is accumulated. However, you should be able to prohibit an employee using IP or recruiting Customers for a period of time. I don’t have a problem with that part…

I have been in IT for 25 years and never had to worry about a Non-Compete, but I know of senior executives that were limited in which companies they could work in for a year or two.

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