Hey Parrot, your team no longer holds the NFL record for the biggest blown lead

And my team no longer holds the record for the biggest NFL comeback.

And, of course, the team that now holds the record for the biggest blown lead is coached by the former high school football coach who was hired out of the ESPN booth.

But, as we all know, the most qualified guy always get the head coaching job in the NFL, right @Weenut1? :wink:

And the coach that was fired held the previous record.

Do you mean that Frank Reich lead that previous comeback for the Bills?

Edit: It will be comical to see how Jim Irsay reacts to this. :sweat_smile:


There is a Twitter page called “Freezing cold takes” that screen shots bad takes.
They already have Isray’s tweet before the comeback.

While this isn’t Matt Ryan’s fault, this has to be killing him inside.

I can’t find Irsay’s tweet, but this one is comical.


Jim Irsay at halftime, & Jim Irsay after the game.

I Never said most qualified guy get the job in the NFL. The vikings will not win the superbowl

True enough. You said tbe best get the job.