Jerry Jones

Once again tell me how you judge fairness in black coach and admin hiring?

I gave you the only fair way would be based on US population.

Tell me your basis for any other way

no I don’t use race as a requirement you and parrot want to. I’m just pointing out the only way to be fair if you are trying to judge race as a requirement you need a base line

If we are going to play the equal race outcome card …then we need more white athletes in the NFL and less black athletes…you know to meet your quota driven agenda.

Ahh you gave it away

Yes in order to use race as a measurement then it must reflect a baseline of the population. So now NFL must only have 13% black players, NBA the same, MLB, Hockey, etc. This would cause outcry as it would make many out of work but it would be race fair then, wouldn’t it?

This is the issue of using race as that in itself is racist.

Why are 60% of the players in the NFL black? Its because the NFL rewards the best and only the best make it. The same with the coaches as they fail they are fired. Those who bring up the whole race issue wouldn’t like it if we really did race base for everything

and I’ll leave you with a quote “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” which is the way it should be

You also have reading comprehension problems as well as not being capable of figuring out how basic statistics work.
I said it needs to be addressed, I also said the solutions are race neutral.

I know statistics, point is who cares the number of coaches vs. players based on race. It is the best of both that get the job.

Do tell us what made Jeff Saturday the best candidate to get the head coaching job for the Indianapolis Colts.

You can do math, but you don’t know how statistics work.

To be fair, that is an intirem hire.

Fine. Let’s let Weenut tell us what made Jeff Saturday the best candidate for the interim hire as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

I am not asking you to say what made Saturday the best hire, since I know that you do not believe that for one minute.

are we done discussing black coaches and the whole race thing being unfair?

Then I’ll discuss Jeff Saturday

he is interm coach and we will see how his record goes

Good punt on not answering the question. You said that the best get the jobs for both playing and coaching positions. What made Jeff Saturday the best for the interim position for the Indianapolis Colts head coach?

Better question.
What made Josh McDaniels the best choice for the Vegas Raiders?
Or Hackett for the Broncos?

I would disagree that it is a better question. Jeff Saturday was an ESPN analyst whose only coaching experience was at the high school level. Both McDaniels and Hackett had better qualifications than that.

To your point, I think they are two different cases. For McDaniels, one can make the case that he had gone back to the Patriots and gotten more experience under his belt since his first flop as a head coach. And, if you believe what was written, McDaniels had made a real effort to learn from his past experience and what he had done wrong as Denver’s head coach. In hindsight his hire as Raiders head coach has not gone well and one can say that there were red flags, but his hire was not universally panned.

As for Hackett, I think there is something to the theory that the Broncos hired him only because he was Aaron Rodgers’s offensive coordinator in Green Bay and the Broncos were hoping that would get Rodgers to the Broncos too. That hire was not well received, and it is obvious that Hackett is in way over his head.

Who else was available? All the other coaches are under contract and games are being played so you put in a place holder. Jeff played many years for the Colts so he knew their system. He also has a better record this year than the gut he replaced

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I don’t think you honestly believe this, but in case you do, Saturday last played for the Colts in 2011. And, as mentioned before, he was an ESPN analyst whose entire coaching experience was at the high school level.

But, he was the best person available for the job.
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This reminds me of this earlier thread. We had a great discussion.

OK who do you think they should have gotten to take the job?

I would have promoted an assistant on the Colts staff. That is generally how in-season coaching replacements are handled, and any one of those assistants would have been better qualified than Saturday.

This subject was discussed earlier here:

and yet he is at .500 if he wins tomorrow then .667