Help! I’m being limited to 15 booze drinks per day on my cruise

Such a hardship :grin:

I posted this on the CHB a while back. This was just reposted on the Elliot Advocacy site, so it is a good time to post it here. This still cracks me up.

Ha. Yeah this is so ridiculous it almost seems like a prank.

If you exceed 15 drinks in a single day, even once on a 7-day cruise, you are undoubtedly an alcoholic. Even 10.

I imagine what is really going on is people are giving drinks to their friends who have not paid & the cruise line is trying to curb this.

I would imagine there are also liability issues with the term “unlimited “, whereas putting a finite limit in it puts the onus in the passenger

I rarely drink but I drink heavily on cruises. I may have hit ten in one day. Maybe.

I would say on average 5-6. I normally don’t drink During the day unless I’m in the hot tub. I may have 2-3. Diners 4-5 (wine and some cocktails).

That’s plenty.

Missed this part. I suspect that’s what is going on. It would be easy to share a pass.

That is reasonable, even though after even a 4-day cruise my liver would be hurting after 5-6 per day.

My biggest concern during a splurge vacation is not overdoing it the first night or two & then ruining myself for the rest of the trip, or not getting my money’s worth on the drinks.

I think cruise lines prefer that people max out early & waste the value of the unlimited drinks they purchased.

It’s a sensible thing for passengers to do. The unlimited drink passes are expensive, & individual drinks even worse. I think a margarita was something like $11 & change on the last cruise I did 15 months ago.

Funnily that was the very last week before coronavirus fear exploded in the US. One week later & my party could well have been stranded offshore like those wretched bastards were.

I have been to several all inclusive resorts in Cancun. The trick is to have two drinks mid to late morning, then no more til after lunch, then at a slow pace the rest of the day. Never drunk, just “good” all day. I have honestly never been drunk there.

I eat and drink. That’s why I don’t have issues.

I get a buzz but I don’t get sloppy. I avoid beer as it j get horrible hangover with beers

I doubt I’ve ever had 15 drinks in a month. I probably have fewer most years.

I do most my drinking on cruises. Otherwise I’m probably 24 a year.

Don’t you go getting all Amish on me.

I’m about to the point in life where it’s time to give up beer as well. Wrecks my sleep primarily, but it’s all tied together with digestion, and essentially the same as having a hangover…don’t fee good the next day & can’t function.

Beer is actually pretty disgusting when you consider how it is made, and extremely unhealthy, even aside from the alcohol content.

I’m down with a decent-quality wine or clear liquor for the most part, with rare excursions therefrom.

We’ve done a few all inclusive vacations and I’ve never really over done it, probably because I know it’ll be there for free all week. Years ago Illinois banned Happy Hours, meaning a bar couldn’t offer cheaper or 2 for 1drinks for a few hours, the prices would have be the same all day. People would slam as many cheap drinks before the special ended. IMO it kind of makes sense.

I probably use more beer boiling the brats for the annual Super Bowl party than I drink in a year. And, no party this year.

When I was in college and post college, it was not uncommon to have 15-20 beers in a day. There are also times it was over 30. Never was daily. Maybe 1-2 times a week. Now I might have 1-2 drinks once a month.

It doesn’t taste good in most cases. That’s why I avoid it. That and 2-3 beers I’ll feel hung over

I always grilled bratwurst and never thought of boiling it in beer. I need to try this. Any good tips?

I too did not think of this. Very good point.

I’m far from an expert. I just boil them in beer before the party starts and grill them as it gets close to halftime. I get three or four kinds.

Years ago I had read in Esquire (I think) that what you do is grill them first…grill them good and a little chared…THEN take them off the grill and boil them in beer. They did turn out pretty good.

I haven’t done beer brats in ages - there is a store here that does all different kinds of brats and sausages. The guy that owns the place told me not to grill then on direct heat, but put them on indirect heat for about 20 minutes. They turn out really good that way.

Put in a pan, cover just over with beer, high simmer until beer evaporates.