For the love of God.....Please

Bring MAGAnomics back!!!

Not what the economic illiterates try to misdefine it as, but what it really was.

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Most Americans would take the inflation rate, interest rates, booming economy and everything else under Trump compared to Bidenomics.

That is Joe and the dems problem. There is a clear comparison of recent results from two administrations that can be made… if people care to.

Well Biden hasn’t incited anyone to attack the capitol, the police officers, or get shot in the neck and killed with lies while he did nothing.

Are you responding to the right thread?

Who got shot in the neck?

Please don’t feed the topic changing trolls.

tax fairness, and fiscal responsibility

Do what? Joe has spent a lot of money and I see nothing to show for it.

What has he done with taxes? He’s kept most of what Trump did that actually increased my taxes.

Lol…this thread is about the economy, Trump’s vs Bidenomics. Do you have ADD or is it that you can’t defend what a failure and fuck up your boy Biden is so you try to change the subject? My guess is a little of both.

I’m not a troll billings

Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck Wintermute

I don’t have ADD Bears, I made a comment to a specific comment that was made. I’m wasn’t trying to change the subject.

Carry on without me, but it will get boring with you all agreeing with each other. Yawn, bye

Methinks sister is lost.

Did you read any of the posts before the one you posted? This thread is about the difference between Trump’s ECONOMY and Bidenomics.

You can try to defend Bidenomics, that’s the subject of the thread.

I’m not sure I can survive another four years of Biden economics. I’m sure the middle class can’t.

Yep, Bidenomics is hurting the middle class.

Biden should pass an executive order raising minimum wage. Legally I doubt he can do it but man it would get the conversation going.

I believe he could only do it perhaps for federal workers and contractors.

Joe doesn’t know the law and the courts would have to overturn it. So he’d cause a big stink and get tha conversation going. Minimum wage is to low and neither party is addressing it.

I use to laugh at 20 dollars an hour for McDonald’s. Look at rent now days. 20 an hour isn’t as unreasonable.

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Romney and Cotton tried but were ignored by the Democratic leadership.

Most minimum wage jobs are paying $15 an hour starting today.

I’ve never known anyone that worked for minimum wage. Even my kids worked part-time during high school and college and they made more than double the minimum wage.