Favorite movies

Big fish
Big trouble little China
Dark city
Star Wars

Just watched Big Trouble last week with my son. He did not appreciate it as much as i thought he would. He said it was OK , but weird.

Lost in Translation
Forrest Gump
The Great Santini

I do like Big Fish a lot.

Ask him who the sidekick is and you’ll see if he got it.

One of my favorite movies. It’s such a beautiful story.

It’s a wonderful mix of fantasy but the real world

I watched it because Jessica Lange is in it, and IMHO, she is one of the most beautiful women every. But it does get you…all along you think it’s a fantasy, then you have a WTF moment.

Anytime Cool Hand Luke or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are on I stop and watch.
My wife asks me how many times I have to watch them and my reply is every time they are on.

The Caine Mutiny
Dirty Dancing
Rain Man
All The Presidents Men
Midnight Cowboy
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds
Witness for the Proscecution
Jersey Boys
The Eye of the Needle
Ordinary People
Regarding Henry

Great movie, shows real journalism.

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Anything by Tarantino.
Bad Times at the El Royale.
Most of the John Hughes movies.
Train Spotting.
Clerks. (Mostly because of the low budget)

I read the book The Great Santini a couple of years ago and have the DVD coming from Netflix tomorrow. It was unavailable for a long time.

Dead Poets Society
August Rush
The Truman Show
Arsenic and Old Lace

Pat Conroy was one of my favorite authors, and the movie is partly autobiographical. I watched it years ago with a girlfriend whose father was a Marine fighter pilot and she started crying and we had to turn it off. She said it was painfully accurate in a lot of ways.

Saw it at the theater when I was 17 with a girl and went out for ice cream afterwards. I got shut down rounding third in her driveway when I dropped her off. Good movie though, I never saw the remake.

That’s one that shouldn’t have been remade.

I agree, that’s why I didn’t see the remake. I can’t think of a movie where the remake was better or even as good as the original.

A Star is Born has been done four times now.

I have only seen the latest one and it was awesome.
A rare movie that my wife and I both liked.

That was pretty good.

Kristofferson was in the 70s version. People forget that for a while he was one of the top actors in the country.

I was skeptical of another remake of it, but the new one did a good job.