Favorite movies

I don’t know if I could stomach a Streisand movie.
Kristofferson is a magnificent actor.

He retired last year, rather quietly.

Some time in the 90s or early 00s, as his acting career had come back around, but fewer people knew about his music, he would hear from young people “Whistler sings?”

I can think of two. In my opinion, the remakes of Sabrina with Harrison Ford/Julia Ormond and the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan were better than the original versions of these movies.

As much of a train wreck as Lindsay Lohan was, she was (is) a very talented actress.

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I haven’t seen either.

In an earlier post I listed The Caine Mutiny as one of my favorite movies. This is one of the best scenes from that movie

I have that coming up on my list too, in a few weeks.

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