Elon Musk to join Twitter's board

Elon Musk is set to join Twitter's board of directors, a move that potentially boosts his influence over the social media platform and which comes one day after it was disclosed that he had become the company's largest individual shareholder.

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Crazy uncle Bob’s take.

Reich is an idiot.

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Make sure you preface that with Robert.

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I find it funny the constant contradictions.

If anything I am consistent.

Yes, all 4’ 10" of him.

I have the same last name, which is why I call him “crazy uncle Bob”, and am about 1 1/2 feet taller.

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Believe it or not, he used to give regular economic commentary on Neosocialist Propaganda Radio. What a hoot how many times he completely missed the point or argued with convoluted logic.

Was it under Jimmy Carter this moron served as Labor Secretary?

No, it was under Clinton.
Which amazes me, Clinton did not have a far left economic policy, but Uncle Bob is about as far left as they come.
Did the rest of the Cabinet look at his opinions like he was crazy?

Funny thing was, he wasn’t likely even the Clinton’s shortest cabinet member. I used to work with someone who lived in the same neighborhood as Donna Shalala. She would walk her dog and the dog was almost taller.

The thing is…crazy uncle Bob is right about the free speech thing. Tweeter, Facebook and even the “no censorship” Truth Social are private companies and the first amendment doesn’t apply to anything that they censor…even “no censorship” Truth Social will censor any posts critical of you know who.

Sure, but then he is mad because someone he doesn’t like may be in charge.
Can’t have it both ways.

Actually, the first Amendment says that CONGRESS shall make no law. It says NOTHING about Tweeter or Zuckerbook or any other social media. Yet…when one of those sites bans or takes down posts, the folks who tend to call themselves “constitutionalists” are screaming loudly about their first amendment rights. The big selling poit on “Truth Social” is that they won’t censor. Yet in the next breath they say that posts critical of DJT or the site will be removed. They might want to look up the definition of “censorship”.

There’s the 1A, then there’s the broader conversation about free speech. Nothing a social media company could do would violate the 1A, but there can be room for criticism of how they enforce their TOS.

You need to left him know that, he seems to think a Twitter shareholder determines what free speech is.

Correct, the screen shot Is simply pointing out the rank hypocrisy of Crazy Uncle Bob.
He is great with Twitter making their own rules until Musk is a shareholder.

And Twitter is capricious, at best, with their enforcement.

I think what people don’t get is the enforcement is done by algorithm. I’m not on Twitter, but on FB, it’s annoying because often things will disappear for no apparent reason, or you’ll be told something violated standards, but can’t figure out why. Often, there is no human to appeal to.

It’s rarely political.

The big question… Will they reinstate Trump’s twitter account? How much for free speech is Elon? Elon only holds 10%. He can crash the stock just as fast as he propped it up. If they give Trump back his account, the democrats are going to be enraged.

Bullshit, that is what they claim, but that is literally not possible.

The one time i was warned and my post deleted on FB was when I said “stupid white people” on a post that a Hispanic friend of mine posted.