Elon Musk to join Twitter's board

What do you mean it’s not possible? They set algorithms to search for things like “stupid white people,” (or stupid whatever group) and broadly shut them all down as violating the TOS. They can’t hire enough humans to police every post. They don’t even hire enough to check on the appeals.

Numerous examples of things that could not be found via algorithm.

Easiest example is Babylon Bee.

Algorithm set to automatically delete if there are X number of complaints. (Yes, if there were something like this, it would be problematic too, but I bet it’s something like that. I’m not saying it’s a good algorithm.)

Which has nothing to do with content.
Also wouldn’t explain the blanket ban on the lab leak theory, or the shutting down of the NY Post account over the 100% accurate laptop story.

But you can always buy a misleading ad and Facebook will leave it up. Even if you report it as misleading, it will be left up.

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