Downloading music

Trying to download some music for my iPod, but iTunes doesn’t seem to be working. It shows a price, but I can’t buy it. Tried to add money to the account, but it just keeps looping me back to sign in screen.
What is a good site to buy music? thanks

IMO Spotify is the way to go, but there’s a monthly fee, but you have access to almost every song ever recorded. I think it’s $10 a month and $15 for a family plan with 5 account’s. You can try it for free (I think) but it’ll have commercials and you might not have access to all the music available.

Here is an article.

Downloading is so…2007.

It took me and my kid a couple years to get my wife to try Spotify, now she loves it. She would get CD’s from the library and burn them to her iTunes account. My kid owns exactly zero CD’s and DVD’s and said he never will, although he’s interested in vinyl.

Thanks. I don’t buy enough to justify, but good info.

Try the Spotify free, you might like it. It’s a great way to discover new bands and artists.

Thanks. I find a lot on Pandora, but haven’t found anything new lately. Recently tripped over Eurille and really enjoy her music. My iPod has somewhere around 2000 songs so I like to keep using the iTunes and keep it updated.

I Heart radio is kind of similiar to Pandora. May find new stuff there. They have a free version.

My kids convinced my wife and I to use it.
Best time we ever took their advice.

Thanks. I keep forgetting about them

Are you buying from the device or the app?

I have over a thousand CDs. My old iTunes library was huge. I only switched to streaming about a year ago.

Slightly off topic, my kids and I were talking about how today’s music is listened to via streaming instead of an album so you may miss a lot of songs.
They both said that people their age who appreciate music listen to full albums via streaming and not just playlists.

Ironically we had this discussion while watching “This is Spinal Tap”.

I believe Apple has dropped iTunes and only offer Apple Music, a subscription model. My gf has YouTube music at $10 a month, got the family plan for an extra $2 and added me and my daughter. I was able to drop Apple Music and Sirius XM saving me a couple hundred per year. The only I don’t get anymore is CNN/FOX/MSNBC in my cars and I Do. Not. Miss. It!

I listen to full albums.

Interestingly, if you read Neil Young’s statement the other day, Rogan isn’t even his biggest complaint about Spotify. He’s an audiofile and he doesn’t like digital music in general, and Spotify’s methods in particular. I don’t have ear enough to recognize the difference most of the time.

Young started a streaming service and or player that had much better sound quality,I think it went out of business.

Yeah, I didn’t follow it, so I don’t know the status. He may not realize that he’s in a small minority of people who can even hear the difference. For those who can, it’s pretty substantial.

My wife was a musician. We went to a show where a bunch of people were singing off-key. It hurt her ears and we left at intermission. She said the same thing about the male lead of the Phantom of the Opera movie.

Did you turn it up to 11?

My kid listens to whole albums when he finds a new artist he likes, but usually makes a new play list every time he listens. It drives my wife crazy when he sits in the driveway setting his playlist for 10 minutes before he drives back to school.

When my son pulls in the garage after school he listens for about 5-10 minutes.

When I was in highschool if you had a cassette player in your car with auto reverse you were the shit. My senior year CD players for cars just came out, but were expensive and skipped a lot.