Does anyone remember

In 1971 I flew from New York City to Paris, France on PanAm and this is what that plane’s lounge for coach looked like, even though this is a photo from a different airline. We, also, had two good meals during that flight - dinner and breakfast. Keep in mind that this was before deregulation when flying was a lot more expensive than it is now.

Windows on the World Restaurant - Their food was excellent and the views were wonderful.

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On a side note also had Orange juice delivered.

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We used to keep our weed in those, much neater than a baggie.

I grew up in a house with a milk box, a fairly heavy metal box in the wall next to the side door. The box opened on the outside so the milkman could put the containers in and on the inside so we could take them out of the box and put the glass empties in.

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My grandma used to get OJ delivered to her door every week from the Home Juice company, I remember the little metal box on her porch. When my kid was small (early 2000’s) we had home milk delivery from Oberweis, I’m not sure if they still do home delivery but they have a couple dozen ice cream stores in the Chicago area and their products are sold at local grocery stores.

I am old enough to remember this

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This is from December 2020, a month before Biden took office.



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If you don’t own a cow, Call Cloverland Now!

Anybody remember Charles Chips? My folks would get potato chips delivered in a yellowish steel tin with Charles chips in them!

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yep They also had pretzels, and cheese puffs

Does anyone remember when people bought very few things at a supermarket. People went to butcher for meat, fish store for fish, bakery for bread and desserts, and the milkman delivered milk, butter, and eggs

I grew up in Detroit, and the chips of choice were local based New Era and Better Made. New Era was bought by Frito Lay and Better Made are still made in Detroit and you can watch the chip conveyor through their front window.

My wife’s uncle worked for Wise potato chips in Berwick PA. They are still a local favorite.


I am sorry about absolutely nothing related to growing up in Detroit. The deterioration took a long time, and since we left it accelerated.

I forgot you are old.
Just messing with ya, I got an Army buddy that live up near Detroit and he talks about how quick it went downhill.

To borrow Popeye’s immortal phrase - I yam what I yam.

I feel the same about Baltimore.