Do we REALLY want America to be like Florida?

My brother and I were talking. We grew up in Orlando. We were looking at Zillow at prices from our old house and my granddad’s house. They were nice little houses back then. But…they didn’t cost anything close to this:

This is my granddad’s old house

3 bed (used to be 2) 2 bath (used to be 1) and 1,000 square feet (used to be 720).

$423,000. He moved in 1973 and sold it for $12,000. Adjusted for inflation it would be $82,000

This is the house I grew up in

3 bedroom, 2 bath 1400 sq ft…$386,000

Here are a few hundred places to live in Orlando for under $100,000.

I’m sure there are but I didn’t grow up there.

You think people don’t want America to be like Florida because the house you grew up in went up in value?

What he is saying is that the cost of living in Florida has gone up exponentially compared to the rest of the country.
Probably true, due to the influx of wealth that moves there.

For the reverse, look at Detroit.

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I don’t want america to be like Florida but not because of home prices. I dont want mosquito’s as big as birds and 90 degrees and 100% humidity at 5am.


When it comes to housing Florida is a little higher than the US average, but is offset by things like no income tax, lower property taxes and other things. The average home price in the US has gone up $110,000 over the last 3 years.

Average House Price by State in 2023 | The Motley Fool.

Also a lot of real estate has been stagnant over the last decade or has gone up a few percent a year. It’s supply and demand, a lot of people want to move to Florida and not so many to South Bend Indiana.

You stole my point about Detroit, but that’s OK. As an example, this is the house I grew up in, ages 3-21, a 760 sq/ft 2 bed one bath with basement, built by my parents for $9,600 in 1950 and sold by them in 1990 (their sale was in $35K range). This pic was taken in 2019.


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…also Hurricanes. Florida was hit with 4 of them in a course of 6 weeks, back in 2004.

Today the median home price in Detroit is $70,000, you would think people would be flocking there in droves. I wonder why so many people are moving to Florida instead of Detroit?,sold%20price%20was%20%2470K.

I’m not sure, but it MIGHT have something to do with the weather.

Every area of the country has weather.
We have tornadoes, Cali has earthquakes, etc.

@jimtoo why did your parents board up the windows and doors ? :slight_smile:

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There was a time when most retired people who moved to Florida did so because it was less expensive than where they raised their family and they were also looking to downsize. During the last decade there has been a trend for empty nesters to buy homes that are larger than the home where they raised a family so they have adequate room for out of town guests.

To keep the mosquitoes out.

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That’s true, but apparently with all the rising home values and growth in Florida, many insurance companies are pulling out of the state. Allstate and State Farm are two of the largest insurers in the country but they are not selling new policies. If you try to get an online quote from any of the “well known” insurance companies, you get a message that it’s not available there. So you are limited to smaller companies that can only spread costs so far…so what is there is going up.

I left in 2003, just beat them.

That’s true, a guy I used to work with moved to Colorado years ago and he had a problem with bears. I know a ton of people that have moved the Florida over the last few years and so far none of them regret it.