Defund "The Gazpacho Police!" Secure the Borders!

Was she homeschooled by any chance?

Another fringe personality the left gives constant free press to.

I only know about her because she does CrossFit.

She’s nutty but rich


I did dine at one of the franchises. I’m not a soup fan.

It was very good soup.

She gets the press herself, shes AOC to you guys but cranked to 11.

She represents my girlfriends district. Normally id be afraid to ask if she voted for her but her first time voting in decades was the senate runoff in january.

Im confortable going on record saying i dislike gestapo and gazbacho about equally, so maybe shes on to something.

So many RW “Fringe personalities”, so many cameras rolling… a veritable moveable feast for the press. I’m losing count of the fringers, so many, so little time.

At least she’s better looking than aoc.

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Wrong. Hardly anyone on the right cares about her. Same with AOC & the left.

These broads only appeal to the extremes, but the media makes them look like celebrities to their entire mainstream constituency. And you’re obviously eating it up.

Really? You and i have very different taste.

Yes, I prefer attractive women. Every pot has a lid.

But is she? MTG looks rode hard and put away wet, and I’ve always had a thing for Latin women. I’m kind of done with blondes at this point, all hat and no cattle.

Not really, I don’t listen to MTG or AOC. They’re extreme right and left and I’m somewhere in the middle.

I really wish Sharice Davids got National press coverage.

I think aoc looks like a horse or a man.

Marjorie is fit. I like women who are fit.

That isn’t what I said. I said you were eating up the media propaganda that casts these two as popular with the mainstream.

Hmm, she looks a little sloppy to me. I know she got her social media start in CrossFit but I’m unimpressed.

Not really, I consume almost all of my news here.

Same here. I detest the media.